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Will Trump Administration Be Mega-Friendly to Mega-Mergers?


Will Trump Administration Be Mega-Friendly to Mega-Mergers?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the proposed health insurance mega-merger between Anthem and Cigna—one of the Obama administration's last antitrust cases—in court Monday, observers are speculating about how consolidation within healthcare and other industries will be impacted under President-elect Donald Trump.


Is the headline a rhetorical question? DJT and his actors in this theater of the absurd will not only be "friendly" to mega-mergers, it will promote them, embrace them, and celebrate them. Anything to make money...the end game justifies the means game...consumers be damned.


For eight years we have heard the GOP crow about the national debt, something they do during Democratic administrations when they want to cut social programs but conveniently forget during GOP control of the White House. Democrats, being corporate friendly, failed to criticize during the administrations of Reagan and the younger Bush when the debt increased dramatically. If the Democrats once again do not badger the Trump administration over the debt issue when the Republicans propose tax cuts for the wealthy and cuts in social programs, it will tell us that it is business as usual in both political parties.


Join the boycott to stop Trump:


Don't worry, just hold onto your wallets as trump putsthe thieves in charge of catching the thieves.


Although Einstein told us that "problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them", that is precisely what Washington DC politicians have done for at least the past half century.

Trump even short listing perpetrators for appointments,including Jamie Dimon for Treasury Secretary, Jeff Sessions for AG, confirms that Team Trump will defy Einstein's admonition more than the past five Administrations combined.


I just saw an article that Trump will be going after Social Security and Medicare. If that is true we need to have a show down in this country. Enough is enough. Looks like business as usual for the these pigs.


The election was rigged and stolen by the same tactics that got Bush installed. We need to be screaming loud and clear that this election, all of it, has been a fraud.
GregPalast.com has the figures and ways and it has been presented to AG Loretta Lynch. If nothing is done you can believe everyone is in on it.


As an outsider interested in US affairs, I really thought the "old" idea of antitrust law had been abandoned, more's the pity. Now it probably will be. How can this benefit the consumer?

" an economist and professor at George Mason's Antonin Scalia Law School" Ha Ha Ha!!!!


if the Dems want to survive as anything but a Republican appendage, now is the time to stand up and fight.


They must change their values and start representing the will of the people. If not, I agree, they will become irrelevant.


"The will of the people"? Here in Britain, after the Brexit referendum,this phrase has been trotted out by the Brexiers, as if the vote had been 90/10 - not 52/48. MPs and journalists and even the odd private citizen who queries just how this 'Brexit' is to be done: any one questioning what's going on is attacked as flouting the "will of the people". The voters were split 50/50 - and those who voted for leaving
the EU were fewer than the non-voters and the Remain voters.
Just as Trump was well short of a majority: 3 m short of HRC, plus about 7 m who voted for other candidates.
Populists who claim to represent "the will of the people" like those who shield themselves with the flag and claim to be "patriotic" are just opportunistic liars.
"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"
As Oscar Wilde wrote, "The Americans are great hero-worshippers and they always take their heroes from the criminal classes" - perhaps ahead of his time?


Noticed today that there's anon-going merger or takeover deal between 2 giants of the agro-chemical industry - our old friends Dow Chemicals and Du Pont.
If anti-trust legislation still works, surely this should be being stopped?
PS Did Dow ever pay compensation for the disaster of Love Canal?
I know they were supposed to after a legal class action case. But some decades later it seemed that the victims were still waiting. Did they ever get compensation?


Very much ahead of his time and sadly, very true. This rightward direction is happening all over the world. The Women's March was a show if both pain and strength in reaction to the lunacy of these scoundrels. Very disturbing and happening right before climate change bears down. They are thugs and con men and they manage to get to the top occasionally, but this all feels like a coup. The elections were manipulated, no question in my mind.