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Will Trump "Feel the Bern" at Campaign Stop in Sanders' Hometown?


Will Trump "Feel the Bern" at Campaign Stop in Sanders' Hometown?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is on Bernie Sanders' turf of Burlington, Vermont—where the U.S. senator served as mayor for eight years—for a rally on Thursday night that has rankled police and the mayor while galvanizing the progressive spirit of the democratic socialist's home base supporters.


A Sanders/Trump debate might finally get Bernie some mainstream media coverage.


Yes, too bad Bernie won't be there.


"Meanwhile, organizers are expecting as many as 1,000 Vermonters to participate in a mass silent protest and rally outside the theater.": Why silent? This is a golden opportunity to crash his party. Get inside!


Personally, I was hoping that almost All the tickets would have gone to Bernie Supporters and that they would able to Pack the hall.


The power of greed vs the power of love?


The live update says quite a few protesters inside the theater were thrown out. Apparently Trump did not "feel the Berne."


"While GOP frontrunner bloviates inside..."

Trump: The Great Bloviator

Trump: Make America Hate Again


I hope the progressives there showed up in droves and chanted Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!
If that is loud enough, so it could be heard in any TV recording on Trump, it would be one way to get into the corporate media. Maybe it could set an example for other occasions :slightly_smiling:


It would be disqualification for the Presidency if they did that.


Trump gave out 20,000 free tix even though there were only 1400 seats. He knew what was going to happen. They grilled each person at the door to see if they were Trump supporters. Some protesters still got inside though. I have a video someone that was there posted but it was just of the protesters outside. The news & Trump tried to say he had 20,000 supporters there & they were showing the long lines on the news. They never mentioned that many were protesters not Trump supporters.


I'd like to hear that there were more dems outside than Trump supporters inside!


The photo that came with this blog is of three boneheads from Plattsburg, NY. It's a bit of a trip from there to Burlington, VT and shows some determination on their part as Trump supporters. It's like "The Bundy's go to Burns". I'd be careful not to piss the Trumpers off if I were out there rooting for Sanders.


That is our fair and balanced media for all to see.


Lets see, 20,000 free tickets for only 1,400 seats? What is up with that? Could it be that Trump figured that way he was sure of filling the rally with his supporters and weeding out the Bernie supporters? Don't know, just asking!


Got to hand it to the protesters staying out there in 25 degree weather. Why don't the have the early primaries in southern states so supporters don't have to deal with these freezing temperatures during the weeks before the primaries? The Iowa and New Hampshire contests should be in the spring so there is less suffering from cold temperatures and snowy conditions. And Trump wanted to send the protesters inside the theater out into the cold without their coats. A guy like that running for president of the United States defies belief. He seems to have more the mentality of a banana republic dictator.


Trump "feel the burn?" Trump is made of PFA (Teflon) and feelings are not in his makeup (except when counting his money and all control is shot). Narcissists believe that only their feelings, ideas, lives are of any value and thus merit adulation, praise, and absolute devotion to their wants and needs. It is not in his nature to listen to anyone or believe there is anyone at any level who can compete with him, which is obvious in his behavior in past debates.

There is nothing that Trump will not stoop to do to get what he wants, which will eventually do him in...the sooner, the better.



The two most fucked-up parts for me, are that Trump vociferously egged on the ugly crowd, shouting "Get 'em outta here!", and then after the crowd ganged up on them, two paid venue security cops KICKED THEM OUT. For sitting there.


Hopefully sooner than suicide in his bunker...