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Will Trump Have the Guts to Stand Up to Drug Companies?


Will Trump Have the Guts to Stand Up to Drug Companies?

Bernie Sanders

President Trump and other Republicans have talked about the greed of the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, Trump said (rightly) that Big Pharma is “getting away with murder.” But talk is cheap.


Big Pharma has done a phantastic job of convincing the public that routine medication is normal. It is not. Removing excess toxins and intaking proper nutrition will solve most chronic conditions. As a rule, for most people, drugs should be required only for rare conditions, such as a bacterial infection. I am very glad to have ingested my two teaspoons of dirt as a child--my immunity system is grateful to this day. Natural systems TRUMP artificial ones almost all of the time. I doubt the germaphobic one will get that.


C'mon Bernie, I think you know very, or should, that trump has no intention whatsoever to stand-up to any for-profit rip-off - far from it, regardless what words he spoke or once lied about! The ginger-chimp has zero moral compass, respect for truth, justice, or the American Way................he is the fish-head prez with the malodorous cabinet/advisory cabal.................


Well, we know he has the guts, because he pukes them up every time he opens his mouth.
Dealing with the drug companies is another issue.


Sounds like Trump is getting ready to walk back another promise. Better stay healthy...


Exactly so WiseOwl......The big-pharma scam is drugs pushed on an ill-educated ignorant consumer by complicit "doctors" and implemented by the insurance mafia (aka industry) - including the ACA. Manufactured "diseases" and conditions are their stock in trade to frighten people or bait their hook with false claim for poison drugs that relieve this or that, and none more despicable and criminal than pushing psychoactive drugs on the young! That class of drugs is shown to be violence-inducing and, strangely, the increased co-conspirator prescription and consumption of those violence-inducing drugs coincide with the increased incidents of school murders by young people..........where the mother-loving hell is the press or elected officials demanding investigation/research of that linkage and big-pharma drug-pushing? Maybe the big-pharma shill, cory booker will press for such investigations..............


Ok . . . . I have been clinging to this fantasy that Bernie/those that support what Bernie advocates for would not reduce themselves to believing Trump would do anything positive for the world unless it served his own needs. Serving his own needs means---- unequivocally---- that anyone other than the 1% will suffer.

To even pose this question ("Will Trump have the Guts to Stand up to Drug Companies") is cruel to do to those that support Bernie and all he stands for. It is a waste of precious time and is misleading at best, delusional at worst. We are in a oligarchic fascist state and THAT is what needs to be addressed NOW.

This article turns my stomach.


I love you Bernie, I do, but before you worry about what Trump will do about making pharmaceuticals affordable, look to the Democratic Party, the party who's Cory Booker and others voted to support Republicans to Ban the import of cheaper pharmaceuticals from Canada. Talk about betrayal.


Answer to the title of this article: No. On second thought, strike that. HELL no.


Somewhat related: when DT ran, he said he wanted to make FDA approval for pharmaceuticals easier to obtain. When he went into specifics, he was talking about eliminating phase 3 of testing, in which drugs are available to consumers, but only with specialist approval and close monitoring.

When Vioxx was in the news for all the deaths it caused, it was not completely marketed; it was still in phase 3 of testing. So imagine if phase 3 were eliminated and millions more were at risk of heart attacks from the drug. Most likely, the liability for the drug companies would be extremely limited for the very reason that they had done their responsibility with regards to FDA regulations.


Addendum to my comment above:

This article describes what we are faced with regarding Trump/his supporters/his appointments and the fate of life on earth. I do not say this lightly. We don't have time to wait for another "election cycle".

Someone needs to clearly spell out what, if anything can be done to stop fascism. Can anything be done to stop fascism?


"Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord, has flown by, dropping her Golden Apple of Discord, aka Scott Pruitt, into the lap of the U.S. Senate."


Exactly. And everything we have been fed about the difference between legal vs. illegal drugs is a lie. Everything. Every tiny bit of propaganda, from Anslinger forward.

The very start of it was pre-Anslinger when Canada and USA outlawed opium dens in the first racist war on drugs and the Chinese (who built the West) even though less pure opium is what the new pharmacists had, it was O.K. because it was legal opium, not the much cleaner opium the Chinese had.

The drug war is/was/will forever be a war against US, at our expense, legally, physically, mentally, spiritually. It is 1984 right now and has been for a long time.

How many comedians/comediennes does it take to to point out that on every drug label that is supposed to be for our health, has a long list of side effects worse than the original cause for treatment--even death.:wink:

And SCOTUS determined in the landmark case that Generic drug makers cannot be held legally responsible for their legal medical poison, because they copied it, but are not responsible for creating it. Incredulous trumplikelogic. So even if the generic drug melts your very skin all over, you cannot win a law suit.

"There is a class system in the USA: those that make the rules and those that follow are the two classes." --- Noam Chomsky

Here is how most of the drugs that they told you were "poison" and "killers" are now being medically researched and used for our benefit.


Trump will have as much guts of standing to the Drug Companies as you Bernie had when standing up to the Democratic Party. So nada.


Sanders needs to drop that rhetorical device already, of appealing to Trump on any such "promise".

Damn annoying.


Obviously the answer is no.................so, what's the point to this largely academic question to the ginger pig Bernie? Trying to get him to be a moral person? Live-up to his words? Catch him in a falsity? Those and all similar are like trying to nail jello to the wall.........Millions are counting on you....please don't disappoint us!

"The most potent weapon of the oppressor
is the mind of the oppressed" - Steve Biko


Will Trump stand up to big pharma? Well, given he promised to get "tough" on the banks, I'm going to guess no.


WHERE'S BERNIE? I'm sure that drug pricing is an important issue. But there are FAR MORE URGENT ISSUES than this. People are asking "where are the Democrats? Why aren't they fighting Trump more vociferously? We're left with Schumer (!) to lead the fight? WHERE'S BERNIE?


Hmmm - those "millions counting on" Sanders would do best to look elsewhere ....


Where's Bernie? Where he has always been, defending the DP ...