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Will Trump Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal This Week? If So, Threat of War Grows

Will Trump Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal This Week? If So, Threat of War Grows

Trita Parsi

A key decision by the US president is due by Friday, and could put his country on an almost inevitable path towards more conflict in the Middle East


It is time…time for the rest of the World to give the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia a middle finger salute, and Boycott, Divest and Sanction us, in order to bring us to our senses!


I also would hope that other major players would not submit to this economic blackmail. It does no-one in this beleaguered world any good to continue to isolate and vilify decade after decade, nations such as Iran and North Korea. Such continued policies only harden and entrench those aspects we would all like to see diminished.

And the alternative is, quite simply, murder.


The neocons are relentless in their wanton destruction of Iran. Before the JCPOA was signed by the various nations their Supreme Leader wanted assurances that a future US leader wouldn’t do what the US usually does, break the agreement. Well here we are, again, the neocons are pressuring Mr Trump to break the deal. They’ve(Iran) complied the US and some allies(the neocons) are working hard to screw the deal. This will only show the world, again, that the US government can’t be trusted. If the US is foolhardy enough to start a war with Iran, they’ll lose.


The lines at the guillotines for the removal of all the unsavory assholes screwing everything in the world will be long indeed.

By “us” I’m assuming the US government. I have nothing to do with bad policy and write about it regularly. Most Americans(the people) don’t know how bad an actor the US empire is in their pursuit of world of world domination.


They sure will.

U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia–the Axis of Evil

“The Syrian war is by no means over, but the success of the coalition that includes Iran, Syria, Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Shia forces means that the balance of power in the region is swinging against Israel.”



I’m actually quite curious about these contingencies:

How deeply involved in a military conflict between a US/Israel/KSA alliance and Iran will Iran’s trading partners like Russia and China get? I suspect not very deeply. Then again, the world is witnessing our 15-year failure to subdue the Taliban. Russia had a rather easy time beating back the revolution against Assad, and in the process defeated us. Iran’s militias are battle-hardened after defeating ISIS in Iraq, they won’t be a pushover and they watched how the Iraqis went into a rather effective guerilla-warfare posture against us there. And speaking of Iraq, and for that matter, Hezbollah, aren’t they ready to support their Shiite brothers? And let’s not forget the rather hapless Saudis–despite our help, training and weapons, they can’t subdue a ragtag army of Houthis. Are they ready for a rain of missiles on Riyadh?

And just how would war against Iran compare to war against Iraq? Will we be “greeted as liberators” again? Will oil pay for the whole thing or will we roll up trillions more in debt? How many dead Americans will the US public accept, essentially on Israel’s and KSA’s behalf? 2,000? 10,000? Will the US form another farcical coalition of the willing?

And really, who the hell is “willing” to back up Trump outside of Israel and KSA?

And finally, how big an anti-war movement can the left mobilize? The Democrats–led by the likes of Hillary–will fall in line behind their president, no matter what horseshit excuses he uses to defend his bellicose moves, we saw that movie before. The media will play it’s typical role, dutiful cheerleader for bloodshed. seems to me, we’ll be on our own, as usual.


Everyone will lose!


I don’t mean us, those who see the insanity for what it is. But I do mean this country generally.
The general public only takes notice of things which affect their pocketbook.


Unfortunately the USA will no doubt receive international support from the usual rag tag collection of sycophantic nations. Embarrassingly the current government here in Australia having over the years quietly gone about the business off wilfully surrendering any remaining vestige of the countries self respect that it may instead better serve in its preferred role as the USA’s most enthusiastic and shameless toady. It no longer possesses an independent position on the international stage nor does it seem to desire any such thing instead being content in its acquiescence to whatever policy is dictated by the Whitehouse and parroting it mindlessly.down here. You can rest assured that the parliamentarians here just can’t suck enough American dick or resist an opportunity to further ingratiate themselves to their masters.

Well, your export of Murdochian “news” coverage has had wide ramifications here.

Not that that would make you feel better. Cheers!

Israel is a parasite that seeks to control its host.

Acting in the interests of a foreign power, Israel, to the detriment of the United States, perhaps sucking us again into a war on behalf of that parasite, is treasonous.

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