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Will Trump Pardon Notorious Sheriff Arpaio? Trump Rally Raises Tensions in Phoenix


Will Trump Pardon Notorious Sheriff Arpaio? Trump Rally Raises Tensions in Phoenix

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The people of Phoenix, Arizona are mobilizing ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to the city on Tuesday—a week after he defended white supremacists—amid speculation over whether he will announce at the rally a presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio, the notorious former sheriff of Maricopa County.


Will one racist pardon another racist ? ?

What a stupid question!


Politically, Trump HAS to pardon Arpaio. Morally, he has to — oh ha, ha, ha — like that matters.


Not to a racist in denial.

The former sheriff is part of his base.

The odds are that he will pardon his fellow racist thereby sealing his legacy.


Time to deracinate this monster from the “American” psyche. Remove all symbols and monuments of hate starting with the big bull monument down on Wall Street. Capitalism must go and be replaced by new, better symbols.


One Orc pardoning another. The masses of Orcs waiting to be given the go-ahead to attack humanity and turn our world into an over-heated bloodbath. What a stupid end to a long and tortuous story.


He needs to go to regular prison and we need to make sure victims of his tent camp jail know he’s there. His six month sentence will quickly become an end of life sentence.


The republicons own trumps odious non compis mentis presidency, and both are sowing many decades of contempt and hatred that will bring a political renaissance for justice and peace and 99% issues.
We will have to endure 2 or 4 years until we can elect progressive Americans and get the current failures, sellouts, and nutters out of office and secure our sustainable future - endure racism, bigotry, environmental disaster, wars without end, and who knows what other evils and overall destruction of our free republic - but endure we must, and then we will try to repair all the evil and crimes against the people and planet they are committing …we must work and be active - resist - more than ever and support those who speak-out for justice and radical reforms…like Bernie Sanders and his sisters and brothers in arms…


More likely he will die peacefully in his bed of old age. That is the more likely death of monsters like this instead of the numerous possible deserved endings. (teeth grinding)