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"Will Trump Regret This?" President Vows to Testify Under Oath


"Will Trump Regret This?" President Vows to Testify Under Oath

Common Dreams staff

In the latest "not-normal" episode of his embattled presidency, Donald Trump on Friday declared—in a meandering statement that left reporters clamoring for clarification—that former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath in claiming Trump demanded "loyalty" and said he'll let the world know soon enough if tapes of their interactions exist or not.


For once, I somewhat regret failing to watch the ramble live. I don’t care about regret; I care about having a government.


Our president, or whatever he is, would have been a wonderful beat poet. Kerouac would have been snapping his fingers and taking notes left and right.

Absolutely no chance he testifies. He would either perjure himself a few dozen times or would get slaughtered by those questioning him.


If you missed it, the Comey testimony is worth listening to.


For this compulsive and pathologic liar to testify and be cross examined under oath (as promised) would be the end of his administration. The impulsive idiot man-child would be putty in the hands of the most novice prosecutor and would proudly spew easily documented lies and enthusiastically commit perjury. It would be unthinkable - but no more unthinkable than the countless other idiotic things he has done.


Well, let’s hope so.


Trump is no stranger to a court of law. Of course, he loses a lot.


He won’t testify, absolutely no chance. Him saying that he would is beyond stupid.


Ya know this is he said, she said and Trump is the loudest buffoon which seems to win the day here in good ole Amerika. But then in an hearing and other questions he should get tripped on something that is can be proved. He is more stupid than most.


Trump testifies against himself with nearly every word utterance.
Trump friendships are similar authoritarian types.
Impeachment is justified for this misogynist pig tyrant.
Casino gambling 5-star resort vacation hotelier.
When will Trump be Slump?


He needs a new distraction quick. There should be a false charge about something arriving on Twitter soon to change the topic.


He will testify under oath on the day he hands over his tax returns.


Do however enjoy the fragrance of grilled misogynist pig roasted the following days, weeks ahead.
Trump dealt his last trump card this June.


Hang on folks, I feel a change coming.


I remember when Trump said he will show proof very shortly about Obamas birth certificate. Still waiting.


What choice does Trump have other than to be willing to lie under oath? He is boxed in, he can’t say no to the question.


First question for Trump under oath should be about his inauguration crowd size (or his penis size). That would establish him immediately as a serial and pathological liar.


I guess pretty soon we will all know, once and for all, if rump is sly as a fox or just dumb as a doorknob.


Not to mention the ‘proof’ of election fraud. /crickets


Um. Well OF COURSE he’s going to testify! Right after Melania releases her immigration documents [which he promised would happen in “two weeks” – approximately 43 weeks ago.] Right after he passes the tax bill [which he promised would happen in “two weeks” – approximately 18 weeks ago.] I could go on – but you get the drift.