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Will Trump Ride Pentagon Spending to Reelection?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/11/will-trump-ride-pentagon-spending-reelection

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public, and to prove it, one particular wig-wearing egomaniac banked on the lowest conceivable estimate and came out billions of dollars richer.

The old joke told during the years of the Cold War was that the USSR created jobs by having one factory manufacture cast iron bath tubs and another 400 miles away receive those bathtubs to melt down (no one wanted them) to recover the iron used so as to ship to the first factory to build cast iron bathtubs.

It was a case of projection once again. This is exactly what Military spending does. 20 million dollar missles blowing up 2 dollar tents.


Trump’s campaign strategy will be twofold: security and the economy (jobs). The first appeals to those frightened by brown people spilling across the border, taking your jobs, feasting on free healthcare (paid for by YOU), and BTW, they rape and murder. You’d think this fear-mongering nonsense only works with the unsophisticated, but polls show otherwise. Immigration is a winner for Trump unless a stronger counter narrative emerges.

The economy is where Trump’s appeal really soars. Since he was elected, his policies serve whatever props those numbers up. Tax cuts flooded the economy with money, just like an underwater household being approved for a new credit card (then blame the bloated deficit and debt on dem welfare spending). Deregulate everything in sight. Make it easier and quicker for corporations to do whatever they want. Again, short term gain, long-term damage. Frack and drill the shit out of private and public land with the same results. Keep interest rates low to encourage even more borrowing. Sing the praises of an exploding stock market, making sure to always include ‘your 401 K plan’, the one bread crumb most Americans have in the loaf owned by wealth. Tout unemployment numbers, the absolute worst indicator of an economy’s health and least representative of the income divide.

But this article focuses on a critical area that’s obviously on the radar but whose long fingers reach much deeper into public money pockets. The national security state - when taking into account the official defense spending bill, off-budget war expenditures, the state department, Homeland Security and the VA - account for well over a trillion dollars a year in outlays. That’s a lot of jobs and money injected into the bloodstream. Problem is, it’s a terrible form of investment with tax dollars.

In addition, don’t forget to include weapon’s sales to foreign countries. Annual U.S. aid is around 50 billion dollars a year. Most of that is handed to counties who turn around and buy our military hardware. Great for job numbers but a further misuse of precious money needed elsewhere. Eisenhower would never have believed just how right he was.

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Bombs meet bombast

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6,000 armor tanks! Let’s have one posted at every school !! sarcasm

1,600 atomic bombs ready to go and just 78 will murder 250 million russian peoples.

Americans = cannot have too much of anything. more sarcasm

Defending North America. Yes.
Strong, active US State dept. Yes
US Navy, Coast Guard, NASA, Yes
NSA, CIA, Army intel, Navy Intel, Air Force Intel = yes and peel off many of those 17 redundants
FBI counter intel is a yes.

In part this works because people are told “You and yours are here now, and there is no more left for others”.

But the truth the ones funding the rich, the MIC, and all associated parasites don’t tell us is that if not for them there would be more than enough. AND the limitations are becoming retroactive… so if you are not ALREADY one of us, you are going to lose more with or without competition from an imaginary enemy we told you to fear.

They are our competition. And they write the laws, pay the militias (used to be police), and control the infrastructure.

Edit to add: They are the parasites killing the country, and the world. Not some hidden fear of an outside force that only they can protect us from. It is them.

I know you know this @Glacierworm… this was a general addition to what you said.

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To me, the increased military budget is just one more reason to vote AGAIN him.
The military budget should be cut by a minimum of 33%.

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A bit more bold… but better would be to cut it to 33% of its current level. A cut of 67% from where it is now.

Incremental reduction is something we don’t have the luxury to wait for… or trust in authority to believe will be honored. Just my cynical view based on experience(s) talking.