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Will Trump Rule by Decree?


Will Trump Rule by Decree?

John Feffer

The Republican Party, since its takeover by Reaganauts in the 1980s, has long favored shrinking the federal government to the point at which it can be “drowned in the bathtub,” to use Grover Norquist’s colorful phrase.

Tax cuts reduce the federal budget. Budget cuts weaken social programs. Even cutting remarks have their effect. Reagan got plenty of laughs when he said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the federal government and I’m here to help.'”


Trump is getting deeper and deeper into Caligula territory. It’s believed to be an historical “urban legend” that the crazed Roman emperor actually named his horse a consul, but I’ m still grateful that the Orange One has no love for animals. Be grateful for small favors.


The system was rigged to be by, for and of the plutocracy. It keeps us busy and distracted with politicians and personalities so it can fleece the public undisturbed.

We need to start over:

Cellphone voting, Blockchain, UBI, Liquid Democracy, science and appropriate technology can save the planet. Representative government, autocracy, religion, fear, repression and money are ecocidal ways to run a world.


I certainly agree re: plutocracy.

However, I wonder how you imagine that all these high-tech fixes you envision could possibly enhance equality.

First, there are the dynamics inherent in the production of such technologies. Do child slaves mining cobalt in the Congo benefit from the intensification of our species’ utilization of “smart” devices? Are brown women being poisoned by washing chips going to participate in the glorious democracy you envision while they’re being dragged down by the chronic and critical health troubles associated with working in this industry?

And what about the damage that reliance on these devices does to human concentration and creativity? How are we going to meet the immense adaptive challenges we now face while we daily depend on tools that tend to diminish these essential human capacities?

Don’t meant to pick on you, natureboy—but since you use this handle, I ask you to contemplate the extent to which our species’ attempts to get around or over Nature have really been working for us and the rest of the Earth family. And whether, therefore, it is reasonable to expect that more of this approach will bring different results.

Life is not a technical problem awaiting a technical solution. Human evolution is certainly not a technical problem which can be “solved” through better tools, technologies, or systems.

Human evolution is an inside game. Only individual transformation can result in fundamentally different systems of group organization.


Again I will say…we need to kill this system before it kills us all.


Actually, Trump cannot even retire his troops from Syria. Where does that leave the chain of command?


E. F. Schumaker wrote a popular book in the sixties called Small is Beautiful. It addresses most common objections to technology. He coined the term “Appropriate Technology “. On the other hand, we have Ted Kosinski, the Unibomber, a famous Luddite. I tend to favor the former.


With the revelations of today, Friday, Trump looks a lot closer to be involved in treason.
I’m curious what form of punishment goes with that, and who administers it.
No, no, no, please not so many volunteers.


Not a bad article but the attempt to smear Hugo Chavez with the Trump brush, is disgusting. The Donald could never dream of having the electoral mandate that Chavez had during his tenure. The provision, in the Venezuelan constitution was not put there by Chavez, was limited in duration and the context was clearly explained in that LA Times article but not mentioned in this underhanded reference:
“President Chavez has this power for only 18 months and can pass laws in key areas aimed at weeding out corruption, increasing government efficiency, and bringing more equality to our poorest citizens. These laws can be modified or rescinded by the National Assembly at any time and the population has the guaranteed right under our constitution to nullify any of these laws through a national referendum.”


LOL well the 9 words Reagan spoke turn out to be 10 words. in this article…but he had Alzheimers apparently----so maybe that doesn’t matter. I have read that in the middle of important strategy meetings he would start discussing his movies--------He smiled and waved a lot and I think that makes people feel safer than looking into a face like Nixon’s. I always wondered if his brain was gone long before he got into office-------but then his “crew” covered everything up—and I don’t remember who his vice president was.


And they were all for, like our fascist leader, bogus reasons to further their nefarious agenda.