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Will Trump’s Poisonous Politics Leave Lasting Damage?


Will Trump’s Poisonous Politics Leave Lasting Damage?

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Donald Trump is mainstreaming hate. That was the central message of Hillary Clinton’s speech last week in Reno, Nev., where she detailed Trump’s record of stoking racism and conspiracy theories. “From the start,” she declared, “Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia.”


"Some have expressed hope that, in the event that Trump loses, Trump-ism will go down with him. That may be wishful thinking. Even a landslide seems unlikely to deter Trump’s most rabid fans, especially if he continues to claim that the election was “rigged.” In addition, there are credible rumors that Trump’s fallback plan is to establish a media presence — possibly working with Bannon and former Fox News head Roger Ailes — that could compete with Fox News for supremacy on the right."

Glenn Greenwald spoke brilliantly on this subject on Democracy Now (yesterday).

Here is the link:



Hillary is likely to win in November, and if so, it is guaranteed that some kind of Tea Party group will spring up instantly, somehow identified with Trump, and the Democrats will then use that group as boogeyman/scapegoat. The Dems will pre-emptively quash any real attempt at anything progressive by saying that the Trump-Partyers are rebelling and oh my aren't they scary, blah blah blah.

The Democratic Party is a false friend, more dangerous than a sworn enemy, at least if you are fool enough trust it.


What Trump has unleashed cannot be easily undone. The alt-right (more appropriately known as white supremacists) has become much more emboldened because of Trump. In the way Bernie Sanders got millions of people to dream that the US could actually become a democratic socialist country, Trump has gotten millions of people to dream the US could once again become a society dominated by white males and that whites becoming a minority in a few decades can be prevented. Once these dreams seem like they are actually possible it is hard to go back. The opposition to this dream of a nation dominated for the foreseeable future by people of European origin, and particularly of northern European origin, largely consists of minorities and college-educated whites. But whether this coalition opposing white supremacy can hold together is a big question. Attempts to divide and conquer may be successful. The US could actually become a country dominated by a white nationalist party. Trump has moved the Republican Party a long way in that direction. Even a strong conservative like Rush Limbaugh had to support Trump to retain his audience. This populism of racism and conspiracy theories on the right is gathering strength and could be triumphant.


Environmentalists will be very pleased if Clinton wins. And so will most African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. It will be a great relief for many people if it happens.


There is so much fear bubbling over from columnists like KVH and Joan Walsh. They furiously denounce Trump but never look at HRC's history of racist comments, her support for the so-called Welfare Reform Act signed into law by Bill Clinton, which led to poverty for millions of children, most of color; her support for the mass incarceration bill, also signed by Bill, when she denounced certain African American children as "super-predators who need to be brought to heel."

This country has been overtaken by the plutocracy and their propagandized media. It's difficult to comprehend why "CD" would publish this piece, but there must have been a financial inducement. KVH is a faux progressive.


The echo chamber of the Clinton campaign. Robert Reich has an article almost identical to Katrina's. So is this all Hillary has left for the coronation, fear of the unknown?


A tireless Trump defender.


Yet those "people of color" for whom you pose as a protector will vote overwhelmingly for Clinton. Implicit in your world view, and your constant defense of Trump, is a genuine contempt for those same people.


Commondreams: the last stand of Trumps Progressives.


True Progressives back Trump. "He's Just Not That Bad!"


"Will Trump’s Poisonous Politics Leave Lasting Damage?"
Methinks Trump is given too much credit and too much blame as the mere figurehead of the nasty, brutish politics that has been around for a very long time.
Trump will disappear eventually, but his true believers are legion.
Let's focus on the voters and other politicians who champion extremist politics while pretending they are center. Let's focus on publicly dismantling the ignorance, hatred and falsity of this political masquerade.
Our failure to do so will mean that Trump or no Trump, the disease remains untreated and spreading. Truth out.


Where do you get that stuff you are smoking bro? I live in Oregon, where weed is legal, but nothing here can get you high enough to believe the stuff you are saying.


Trump's poisonous politics are likely to leave us with a Clinton presidency, so yes, that almost certainly would count as lasting damage.

Other than that, fearmongering, brazen lies, and saying virtually anything in public without concern for repercussions were a thing long before Trump came on the scene, and Clinton is far from being above it herself. Clinton has proven to be so unstable herself, that Trump has become a political necessity for her.


Keep voting for neoliberals like Clinton and alt-right will continue to grow. Keep Clean, Vote Green.


Trump will lose.
Hillary will win.
The oligarchy has already decided this race.
What they require now is for the public to vote in big enough numbers to legitimize the entire mess.
"Democracy works," they'll proclaim and most people will believe them

Vote for Stein just to screw with the oligarchy.


Even if Trump loses he has changed the Republican Party because he has proven that it is possible to win the presidential primary by getting an antiestablishment coalition consisting of mostly of white supremacists (alt-right) and white male blue collar workers from areas hard it by closed factories. Trump is having difficulty in the general election because he can't win over any other group and many Republicans in the suburbs won't vote for him. But it seems very likely that in future elections a more skilled politician will come along and try to win the primary with Trump's type of voters and if successful try to broaden this coalition in the general election. Trump has shown a path to winning the primary that most Republicans did not believe existed. The success in the primary by Trump will probably have ramifications for years to come. And he has also added a white nationalist movement in the US to the global white nationalist movement which had some strong parties in predominantly white countries such as France and the UK. In this way he will also have a lasting effect.


Seems like the majority of people are going to yet again be duped by malevolent stronghold on major media groups that protects the rot ---- the oligarchy, plutocracy, Neocons and Neoliberals. Both Trump and Hillary are attached to parties that are rotten to the core. Gary Johnson offers no better. None have genuine respect for all life nor the environment.

Millions of Americans live in hardship, most are working poor. The monetary system is corrupt and flawed, always destine to cycles of economic crashes that see the most vulnerable hit hardest --- it's actually big corporations, big banks that get the lion share of bail-outs, the few behind the corruption should have gone to jail. The rest of Americans are the ones who get shafted, loss of businesses and homes.... decimation of the middle class.

Globally there are billions of people living in hardship, famine, disease and unending wars is the result due to centuries old malevolent dominant ruling class (oligarchy, plutocracy). They seem to be immune, too big to fail, too big to jail. It's the most vulnerable i.e. the working poor class that is subjected to abuse of human rights. For example, yet another case that sees a cancer sufferer incarcerated for not being able to pay their medical bills.

For more than 30 years the U.S. (and other countries) have followed the same old ancient path of malevolence. So entrenched that millions of Americans accept what they mistakenly believe this path of malevolence cannot be defeated.

There is a solution, stop being duped into believing that voting for the Green Party is a wasted vote. This ideology is the biggest con of the century, much like the trickle-down economy is the biggest con of the century that has seen an alarming rise of inequality, and the destruction of the environment. Trade deals that give big corporation power to profit from such atrocities, off the backs of the working poor. Gary Johnson is no better, his policies will see further destruction of the environment and hardship for millions of Americans. There are many more teetering towards homelessness, many children and students caught up in this malevolent path.

It be wise if most Americans accept the only party that is part of a growing global movement with core principles that actually, genuinely respects all life and the environment. Yes, Jill Stein is the only candidate who is far more intelligent and knowledgeable, with sensible solutions that begins on path to defeat the filthy rot (malevolence) that has gone on for centuries.


How about exhibiting some contempt for the lying, corrupt Republicans as well?


Trump is the village idiot who as the days go bye sounds more and more like an establishment Republican.