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Will Trump’s Secret Police Succeed in Provoking Riots in Your City?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/21/will-trumps-secret-police-succeed-provoking-riots-your-city


The Lincoln Project needs to get Trump’s inciting verbiage collected with scenes of the federal goons gassing those (mostly) white moms on his orders and play those ads for the suburbs. That would be politics on his terms. He wants to play the race card and the People have outplayed him.


You actually believe those Lincoln Project Republicans are on the side of BLM and those protesting overpolicing, etc. as an effective policy? That’s quite a stretch, imo.
Moderate Republicans (?) are hardly altruistic in this thin sliver of the non-hardline extremist right. They’re merely cutting The Sandernistas off at the political pass, imo. Providing cover for more reach across the aisle muddled policy.


The good cop - bad cop ploy…don’t fall for it.

The GOP has been an organized crime syndicate at least going back to Joe McCarthy 70 years ago.


“Trump’s Storm Troopers are coming to a city near you, and history shows the most effective response is non-violent. Here in Portland, the storm troopers were met with 300 moms, 1 giant Navy veteran and a stripper.” Message sent. Message received.


It’s best that we keep the “Pussy-grabber” in Washington DC and away from the Moms and the strippers.


Mr Hartmann anyone could have seen this coming when Barack Obama signed into law the NDAA act which allowed this.


The ACLU clearly outlined what would happen if this law signed into law and it exactly as they suggested.


This sure is interesting. I’ve pointed out here on CD that the US gov’t used to do that to the Indians before the settlers would start moving onto Indian land. Other people here on CD, such as Suspiriadeconfundis or whatever its name was, wouldn’t believe me and straight up tried to say I’m wrong. Here they are using the same tactics still. Gosh, I can’t believe I actually used to believe that. I’m so glad my errors were pointed out to me…


The Dems are cowards. As I understand this illegal occupation, these “Federal Police” are only legal to protect Federal property. Once they are off the reservation, they are breaking the law and subject to arrest. Lawsuit’s mean nothing to DT or hi enablers, they ignore them all the time when they lose. If the police refuse to contain them, arrest them, arrest them as well. This is how democracy fails over and over all over the world. Step up or be silent and be the lamb led to the slaughter.


today, radio news = the goons from southern border, pinkerton’s came out of their building in Portland, Oregon shooting rubber bullets and lobbing tear gas at everyone in front of them, protestors.


Since Mexican border activity declined, we have these untrained, under educated, coming from miles and miles of nothingness into a dense population of peoples.

Chicago will accept federal help getting guns off the streets, arresting our Mexican drug lords, And if the newcomers can - investigate. I do not think they can. Culture shock is going to whack these goons. They will on somebody’s camera at every vehicle stop. Grab a pedestrian and a genuine physical riot may ensue.

This is likely Trump’s evil plan. Spread fear into the midwest.

Wonder what building could be the next reichstag?


but Obama is a constitutional scholar!


And knew exactly where signing that NDAA into law would lead.

He can not plead ignorance.

I would really like to see what Hartmann had to say about Obama signing that into law in 2011.


Totally agree with what you wrote.
But I keep posting this question, probably because I am genuinely frightened -
I agree if city and state police refuse to engage and arrest these secret police those police should be arrested but HOW AND WHO are going to do that???
I am very serious when I say I think this is how our democracy, sham as it is in many ways, evaporates completely …
It scares the shit out of me frankly, because the only answer anyone seems to have is violent revolution which, ok … great… maybe a few skirmishes will snap everyone back into sanity but it could lead, I truly believe, to us becoming a failed state…


No, I would say we saw this coming with the formation of the homeland Security dept in 2002.
Even the name spoke of past horrors and future crimes.


And congress has reauthorized it every year.


Thom has nothing but praise for any of the corrupt corporate dems.


NYE 2011, Obama signed the NDAA authorizing indefinite detention for US citizens. Congress reauthorizes it every year.



My flagged post was in objection to the word “P*ssy-grabber” in PB’s sentence with Moms and strippers. It just irked my sensibility. I remember my reply as a coarsely worded rebuke of an attitude I took as disrespectful of feminist sentiment.