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Will Trump’s Tax Records Be the Next Pentagon Papers?


Will Trump’s Tax Records Be the Next Pentagon Papers?

Peter Dreier

Democrats, liberals, activist groups, and the media are scrambling to figure out how to respond to the dizzying array of crises triggered by the Trump administration. People concerned about immigrants, refugees, reproductive rights, the environment, mass incarceration and police racism, workers’ rights, and other issues are taking to the streets, lobbying, mobilizing new local groups, and other actions. But there is one piece of information that, if revealed, could single-handedly undermine Trump’s presidency before he is able to gain momentum: his federal tax returns.


Hacked or leaked the citizens of the USA, Inc need to see 'em. Period.

Twitler lied about his charitable giving for F's sake...


We must start a 'GoFundMe' campaign, that will hopefully raise at least $1 Million which can be donated to the Whistle-blower that leaks Trumps tax records.

Anyone like this idea?


Great, he's impeached and then we get President Pence.

May happen, but not before he's completed his mission (consciously or not) as a Distraction, while Regressive Legislation is rapidly enacted.


“My judgment is that if there’s truly a smoking gun of a serious nature—one that links Trump with Chinese, Russians, Iranians, North Koreans—..."

WTF? Is this kind of dog whistle hyperbole really necessary or helpful? An "informed source" was cited; who might that be - John Podesta? Iranians and North Koreans? Yes, amoral predators like Trump will harvest wealth wherever it is available, and that may not preclude him from dealings with the Kim dynasty of North Korea that for several generations now has seen no moral, ethical, or political hypocrisy of wallowing in western decadence and debauchery while North Koreans starve en masse, but I doubt there is much that Trump has ever had to offer (opulent hotels, golf courses for the wealthy, and gambling casinos) that would be palatable to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Why coming from the left, the opposition, is it necessary to raise the "specter of Iranian bogeymen"? Now, if the name Rex Tillerson (oil, gas, and oil) was linked to Iran that would at least be plausible and worth pursuing.

That said, I do believe that Trump's tax documents might very well be the antidote for his remaining 40% approval rating. Of course that assumes that his die-hard core supporters actually understand that you can't have "the greatest nation the world has ever seen" without everyone paying their fair share.


Well, you take them one at a time...if President Bannon and his orange sock puppet are impeached we get Pence...if he is impeached we get Ryan...in short, it is a long road back to reality.


And if we actually do get close to rectitude, it will be time for another of their False Flags, only it will dwarf 9/11, and end what is left of our Civil Liberties, you know, "...for our own safety."


Ain't gonna work, but "f" it I'm on board. He's not releasing them for a reason and he obviously knows it's more damaging to do so than not.