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Will Trump Shred the Iran Nuclear Deal?


Will Trump Shred the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Rajan Menon

Stack up the op-eds and essays on the disasters that await the world once Donald Trump moves into the White House and you’ll have a long list of dismaying scenarios.


Because U.S. politicians can so easily be bought, I suggest that the entire world gets together and commits a vast sum of money to buy and support politicians who go against the MIC, Big Pharma and Big Oil. AIPAC does it now with incredible success (when is the last time Israel was targeted by the US for human rights violations?) receiving over 3 billion a year from US taxpayers to reinforce their military and oppression of the Palestinians living there.
By pooling the resources of every country except the US and Israel of course, these countries could easily agree on a progressive agenda that would not only benefit the world, but 99% of Americans as well. We could call it BAPTIST (Buying American Politicians To Implement Sane Treatment) or provide some other easy to remember acronym with a basic objective of goals that most Americans would consider sane policy.
For example... universal healthcare, raising taxes only on the rich and corporations, reducing the size of the military, placing a financial transaction tax on every trade, raising the minimum wage, introducing a universal basic income, replacing the Electoral College with a majority vote, banning charter schools, dismantling the world's nuclear arsenal and closing of all US military bases abroad. The public would naturally be aware of this "foreign interference", but judging by the publics lackluster reaction to AIPAC, they won't care much. Corporate America will immediately try to end this progressive idea by getting the government to over turn Citizens United, but by then the politicians would be dancing to a different tune and a tune that would be far more enjoyable than the dark and regressive demands of a corpocracy.
Countries unite! American Democracy needs you!


Trump can throw out the Iran deal but that will only benefit the other partners and Iran. The UK and France can get the Boeing deal for Airbus, while the Chinese get first dibs on Iranian oil. And the Russian-Iranian alliance against ISIS and other Sunni forces will be strengthened. And Iran itself can move forward to get the nuclear deterrent they have long desired. Altogether a win-win for everybody except the US.