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Will TTIP Get Terminated? Negotiations Falter as Europe Balks


Will TTIP Get Terminated? Negotiations Falter as Europe Balks

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While public opposition to the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—the massive proposed "trade" deal between the European Union and the United States—has grown steadily since negotiations started two years ago, new signs suggest that official government backing is also faltering across Europe.


Connecting dots:

U.K's Jeremy Corbyn is unlikely to support TPP. Spain has its Indignados and at least one well-positioned Socialist in office. Bernie Sanders is speaking up against the corporate takeover of too many aspects of our lives. The Pope is speaking up against these issues, too. In the U.S. Bill McKibben's well-attended climate event had Indians and Cowboys marching together.

Let's hope we're seeing the sea change that so many of us want. It's that or a rush into the abyss of all-out corporate plunder, disaster capitalism spreading wars and misery, and a collapse of the global monetary system.


"on the verge of collapse from their own contradictory goals and incoherent logic."
Goddess I hope so -- peons all over the world, but especially in the US have seen corporations attain way too much power over the last 40 years. As Siouxrose so succinctly stated, we do not want further


Why are the Europeans always smarter than us?
The ISDS part of the Free Trade deals is a take away of our rights and all the people's rights.
It really is a corporate take over.


The monetary system as currently constructed and operated needs to collapse. Hopefully it will decay in an orderly manner but the world fiat money system needs to go away.


Traditionally the term "State" meant government(s)...lets take privately run prisons, when someone is found guilty of a crime in a "state" court, they are sent to "private" prison...does this then make the crime against the "private" prison because the "state" as dissolved all vested interest in the "client"(?) ? really, I am asking a difficult question and I'd like an answer from someone who understands the difference between "state" and "private"...if the "state" writes off the "client" but gets a reward, as in money or jobs or both, then is it not possible that the "state" has no right to assign the "client" to a "private prison" it's an odd and complex issue that needs answers...because if TPP or TTIP come into existence it is my understanding that the "state" will in some respects, relinquish the right(s) of being a "state" so that pillaging and profits soar...my understanding of the issue is that a company like Boeing as an example, would have more "rights" than the "state" and here in amurika, we are suppose to be the "state"...it is clear to me that privatizing "state" functions is Totally Wrong, I don't wanna be a citizen of Boeing (again, as an example), do you???


A somewhat conservative SF author, John Christopher, wrote a series of short stories about a future in which a few corporations were the solar-system's entire government.

It seems clear that that kind of world is the goal of "Enclosure": virtual feudal baronies locked in a never-ending struggle for power, with the only roles available to us being cannon fodder and collateral damage.

It would probably be good if we short-circuited that.


Forgive me because I cannot spell to save my life but...Issac Asimov wrote the Foundation Trilogy on what a corporation controlled planet would be like and was pondering it after writing my post...I'm thinking I ought to read it again, read about The Mule & Mr. Smith...I haven't read John Christopher's work, instead I've been reading The Web and I'm stuck in it like Frodo was...what a bummer huh?


To not mention TiSA in the same breath or article seems to have not fully picked up all the threads and missed one of the remaining but vital elements making up this warped tapestry of worldwide corporate take-over.


Because they've had decades of nonprofit national health, strong unions, and a multiplicity of political parties from which to learn.

Americans are ignorant, because they've never tasted populism.


If I read the TTIP and TPP correctly, the costs to trans-national corporations of ANYTHING imposed by ANY governmental body are transferred to citizens through taxes. What perversity! The worse the corporate abuse, the more it costs them to clean up their act, the more it costs citizens to insure that the abuses do not cost shareholders anything. Richer countries can at least, maybe, afford to continue to regulate, but poorer countries will become nothing more than vassal states to the corporations. Any attempt to rein in corporate abuses will impose costs greater than they can afford. Poorer countries will no longer have the ability to protect themselves from the corporate wolves, who can ravage at will. The lure of wealth surely does twist some folks out of shape.

Let's see what happens in our next election. Two thirds of eligible voters did not vote in the last election. Things are not so great in this "great" country of ours, so I hope those numbers reflect a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo. I am hoping that Mr. Sanders can grab the attention of so many disaffected people and get his ass elected. Perhaps then we can finally bury these disastrous agreements.


Well, remember what the Uberwealthy always say, "If at first you don't exceed, try, try again!"


I finally read a reason why Obama supports TPP and TTIP. They are efforts to nail down trade deals that will preempt Russia and and China from trading with their neighbors in currency other than dollars, excluding American companies from deals,,, keeping the US on top. I guess it beats regime change as a strategy.


So the French government is starting to wake up... I'm very sceptical about that, for the simple reason that regional elections are just round the corner and the socialos are cr@pping themselves at the wipeout they're facing. I don't trust a word that Hollande says, except when he says it behind your back to third parties: in February 2014 he told his hosts - in America - that the faster TTIP was finalised, the better. He never said that directly to the French.


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Sounds like a good read. Personally got my head turned around by novels like 'Snowcrash' and 'Neuromancer.' Not necessarily post-armageddan but certainly dystopian and very modern.


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Necuromancer rings a bell...any of the works by David Brin are great as well, try Earth by him, when he wrote it he allowed himself only to extend into the future 50 years and it's amazing how accurate it is, mind-blowing to be sure.