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Will US Government Be Made to Answer for Fueling Yemen's Approaching Famine?


Will US Government Be Made to Answer for Fueling Yemen's Approaching Famine?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With Yemen on the verge of famine, and civilians paying a devastating toll in the relentless Saudi-led bombing campaign, one key question emerges: Will the U.S. government ever be held to account for its role in the crisis?

The United Nations warned Wednesday that the country of 26 million faces the highest-level humanitarian emergency—on par with Iraq, Syria, and South Sudan.


Inhumanitarian intervention


And with virtually 100% of the Middle East and countries with substantial Islamic populations, telling the USA to “but out”, how on earth can you blame the US for what those same independent governments or peoples do to themselves?

Here is where the blame lies, first Yemenites, who are killing themselves over racial guidelines, Or to say it another way, they are such bigots they would rather starve children then understand the stupidity of bigotry. Second, Saudi, as they have the assets the cultural understanding and they too were fanning racial polarization. Third, Iran, who’s leaders have been giving aid on a racially backed system for years.

I frankly don’t see where the USA has any vital interests in Yemen, has any reason to care more than anybody else on earth or if for any pursuit into insanity and does assist in any way, will be thanked for such assistance.

As an American, I am pretty tired of having the hand that feeds them, nipped.


But of course “TheFireNextTime”, why else would they stop ships on the high seas seeking to give humanitarian aid to Gaza? If it were just to stop weapons like some say, an inspection was indicated, not confiscation of the ship and imprisonment of the crew. Clearly humanitarian aid was an insult to Israel, and to suggest that people living under the Israeli government need aid, or would accept aid, I guess is an insult as well.