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Will VP Debate Expose Mike Pence's "Outrageous, Unacceptable" Record?


Will VP Debate Expose Mike Pence's "Outrageous, Unacceptable" Record?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

When vice-presidential nominees Mike Pence and Tim Kaine face-off for the first and only time Tuesday night, progressives hope the Republican candidate's right-wing record will be exposed for all its extreme ugliness.




What about Kaine's support for the Hyde Amendment?


It's more likely that Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party, non-corporate VP candidate, will expose BOTH corporate vp candidates, on tonight's sham debate (6pm PT), as "Outrageous, Unacceptable". HOWEVER! Ajamu will be simulcasting on: Democracy Now [http://www.democracynow.org/] - Free Speech TV [http://www.freespeech.org/] - Link TV [http://www.linktv.org/] Thank you, Goddess, for Indy Media!


Trump told Pence that Pence will be assigned foreign and domestic issues to give Trump time to make America great again. Just as Dick Cheney was the defacto POTUS for 8 years, so will Pence be, if Trump is elected. Pence is actually scarier than Trump on the policy side.


The way the Clinton and Trump campaigns are shaping up, whichever wins will be so damaged that its unlikely they'll survive (politically) long in office. So the VPs are the ones to watch. Choice based on VP lesser of evils.

What an election!... best yet


Pence is the one that scares me enough to vote for Hillary. Drumpf is a jerk but relatively harmless compared to Pence, and the worst part is that Drumpf has said that he'll hand the day to day policy making in just about everything to Pence. So if you thought that Cheney was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

It can be brought out that one of the reasons that Pence isn't running for reelection as governor is that he didn't have a chance of winning. The people who know him best decided that they didn't like him. But since he had close to the most conservative rating in the House when he was there, the repubs are going to love him. I only hope that something can be done to expose him as much as Drumpf has been exposed.

There is also the possibility that either Drumpf will resign when being president becomes a drag or he will be impeached by the republicans themselves. Either case leaves us with a worse horror story than just Drumpf.


Me, too, but when you have sour lemons, ...

Ordinarily the least worst candidate argument doesn't have much weight, but when you are as vicious as Pence is, then it becomes viable. We do not want this evil POS SOB anywhere near the reins of power.


Same here living I Mississippi. I will cast my vote for Jill Stein!


Two more live streams to add: T periscope & fb.
Does the future hold more kabuki theater, eventually translating into an immense Banksy's dystopian theme park, "Dismaland"? Have too many of us conscious lifeforms stopped to think that a presidential race is not about 'who', but ALL ABOUT 'what'? What is to be done to stop the psychopath-created, corporate globalism about to swallow the entire planet Earth's viability to sustain life? Just another 'horse race', hey? Pay attention now. Pay big time tomorrow. The choice is clear.


Pence is a militant right wing robot who never deviates from his script.
Kaine is a younger, healthier version of the warmonger Hillary, but with a personality.
Both Pence and Kaine are clowns and neither of them is worth a bucket of spit.


Ah, so now, when apparently Trump hasn't been shown to be enough of a "greater evil" to convince enough folks to vote Clinton as the LOTE, let's throw Pence in there to see if we can scare enough folks with him ... cute ...


So, as i said, when Trump as the greater evil doesn't seem to have enough kick - let's throw Pence in there, too .... (smile)

Never mind that we have a MUCH better choice for both Pres. and VP - Stein/Baraka '16


The choice is clear - Stein/Baraka '16


Please pray tell us how you really feel! I find it hard to fathom the political polarization that currently exists within our country. No matter who wins in November approximately 42 to 45 % of the populace is going to be very unhappy almost seething at the outcome! This is no way to run a proverbial railroad and certainly not to run a preeminent country!

Fred Harden III AKA "GreyHairandGreyMatter"


I'm so tired of these f--king nasty, cruel, vicious, dishonest, self-righteous Christians. Let the poor and aged starve in the streets.p I guess. I don't think Jesus was anti-tax. Did he not say to give to Caesar what was Caesar's...

No mystery why I rejected the southern baptist heritage of my upbringing.


You know you're screwed when you realize you wish Nixon was running. At least We got the EPA, OSHA and detente with China along with the war-monger ing horror that is Kissinger


Tim Kaine is a coyote. Mike Pence is a pig. I'll take a coyote and factor in less sleep, on this one. The debates were great ( who watched ) and Baltimore is up, 2-1. Hey, Cubbie fans, " oft times it's a long way from cup to mouth. "


The black comedy that is the USAian POTUS elections continues. For the sake of wasted TV time that could be better spent watching The Kardashians, get yourselves a Constitutional Monarch and get over the daft notion that the POTUS elections are "democratic". Then you can breed educated Heads of State with good manners.