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Will We Be Able to Reverse Trump’s Climate Damage?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/will-we-be-able-reverse-trumps-climate-damage

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Sadly the chance that joe biden and corp. owned demodogs do anything right for the planet and people are slim to 0.


Relying on Joe Biden to save us from the system that gave us Joe Biden; to save us from everything he has espoused, proposed, and surrounded himself with his entire life.

There’s delusional… and then there’s the author of this post.

Excuse me while I get my shovel, I need to start diggin’ the hole for my bunker in the back yard.


Democrats support perma war, and murder by drone. Democrats support fracking. Democrats support wall street bailouts. Democrats support untested 5G tech. Democrats support corporate health car, and are against single payer care. Democrats suppress votes with illegal scams reducing polling place, not printing enough ballots for voters, etc. Democrats blame their own crimes on Russia, with documents created for hire, and zero evidence except those papers. Democrats are equally evil as Republicans, and offer ZERO solutions to our imminent demise from arrogance and collective cognitive derangement.


Can’t disagree with any of the posts above this one. But now it’s time for the democrat corporation party apologists to temporally pull their heads out of the sand, and tell everyone how great Biden and the corporation are, and how he’s going to fix everything. Lets not forget how we’re going to push Biden to the left after he’s in office. Even on the things he has opposed his entire career.
Denial is not a river in Africa.
But have no fear, I’m sure I’ll be accused of being a Trump troll any minute now.


It’s true - this illusionary 2 party system is WHY we have a dictator-wannabe at the helm, despite losing the popular vote to the least likeable (and for valid reasons) DNC candidate 4 years ago.

I would like to refresh everyone’s memory that only a decade ago, the majority of US citizens did NOT think climate change was in the top 5 pressing issues.

Today, the majority of people here KNOW how critical it is.

I’m trying to find an optimistic position regarding my fellow homo sapiens in North America these days. Attitudes and positions can and do change over time.

Fun factoid - the evangelicals here have been hemorrhaging youth from their folds for years. Why? Two issues - the environment, and LGBTQ.

This is a point of optimism.

Biden left to his own devices? Not a snowball’s chance in hell he’ll make it better without this country holding his feet to the fire and keeping economic disruption going with mass action and ubiquitous street demonstrations.


Say what? All of these fires and rising number of Hurricanes are not due to Trump Policies over the past 4 years. They are due to the policies of administrations dating back decades and more.

This is an issue with extractive capitalism and seeing all of the worlds resources and its life just as a means to making profits. Trump did not start that and it will not end with Trump gone. He certainly makes it worse but if all of his damage in fact was rolled back to the time he came into office it would still be very very bad. Had Hilary won the world would not be better off. Those fires would still have happened.


Great comment. You hit the nail on the head.

Sometimes the delusion is absolutely galling.

To believe that a pol that has spent the last half century serving the very entities responsible for our climate catastrophe will now “get religion” in his dotage evinces the same cognitive dissonance extant in believing in Dear Misleader’s “Hope and Change” [tm].

Obama didn’t fear “political consequences”; he had no intention of standing against those he served (and continues to serve).

Joe Dough will be a carbon copy (pun intended) of his servility, and if we have any hope left, it is in calling him out from day one. Any “honeymoon” is wholly divorced from the dire reality we are confronted with.

Will that happen?

Odds are stacked to the roof against it, given the fecklessness of Big Green, and the sort of “cautious optimism” on display here that seems broadly shared by more “militant” groupings.

All indications point to November 3rd deciding only how fast we want to careen off the cliff.

Though I see no reason to believe so, I hope to somebody’s god that I’m dead wrong

Or we will all be.

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What we’re seeing transpire today is mostly from the 20th century. There is at least a 30 year delay in whats spewed into the atmosphere and felt in real terms on a human scale level. The industrial revolution started in the late 18th century. And the effects have been accumulated ever since then. We could stop all industrial activity tomorrow and temperatures will keep rising for years to come. 50% of the CO2 of today will still be around a 1,000 years from now. Then there’s the aerosol masking that goes away(like smoke from the forest fires, the best example) and the heating accelerates even further. Either way we’re screwed. The last realistic date to have stopped what’s coming was the early 70’s last century. Trump certainly has accelerated our demise a bit faster but really, there’s no getting away from the inevitable.

The collapse for reals started this decade, with a whimper, no less, by one of the smallest organisms known. The year 2020 by 2030 will be regarded as the good ol’ days.

Some of us might be counting on the old guy catching a bad bug, then pushing Kamala to the left. Sounds horridly hopeless on so many levels, yes indeed – but not as horridly hopeless as dictatorship, imho.

Our Guv Gruesome Newsom just mandated 100% “zero emissions” cars sold in CA after 2035, about which KCBS has been sharing local excitement. To me, every single time I hear any discussion of remedial measures, it’s so diluted and postponed as to seem manifestly ludicrous, in the contest of how the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is acting up at the moment. I need a word to express the opposite of “wow” – OWO!

Of course, thanks for being a grown-up. It’s not at all rare to see partisanship attached to the Climate Catastrophe in a childishly arbitrary, condescending manner. It’s hard to figure out who’s supposed to be the target audience for such bilge, aside from link-bombing (so ineffectively!) your butt-headed relatives. After all: On the scientifically literate side of the fence, we tend to find grown-ups, don’t we?

30 years ago ,there were plenty books on the subject but very few journalists interested to upset the apple cart .

Trump is a symptom the disease is the Cultural Story that is passed down through the generations by the dominant culture .What it believes about life to be so.

It’s all a myth a fallacy , all of it…

Both “choices” are train wrecks, and yes I agree it will be Harris, who has a long unflattering history as the state AG, and DA of San Francisco, that I’m sure your aware of. Buds with Pelosi and Feinstein, and Clinton weigh her resume down even further. Lets not forget she is a candidate who received not a single delegate or win a single state in the primaries, a real choice of the people /s.

RF, I tell you honestly when I say the Breonna argument, which came up with that awful grand jury verdict, is enough for me. You probably have some sense of what I’m talking about when I say absolutely nothing about Orangeman or anyone around him (least of all that cardboardchristian VP) bears the slightest resemblance to anything human.

On the other hand, when Senator Harris leveraged her DC prominence to say Breonna’s name – to be the first, in a manner earning the eternal, perpetually emphatic gratitude of Breonna’s family – how could anyone argue that was not a very human thing to do, on her part?

Potentially human on one side. Totally inhuman on the other. That’s how I read the evidence before me.

I agree, the question is, was that humanity on her part, or just a show. I want to believe it was for the right reasons, but her caviler attitude with authoritarian action against the poor in the past, stops me in my tracks.

Whether or not it was heartfelt sincere, it sure came across that way to Breonna’s mother. Without the national campaign to say Breonna’s name, her man Kenny would probably still be sitting in jail, for the rest of his life, rather than free to openly say truths, out loud. It has made a difference.

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Obama: “Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people … say thank you.”

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How about OUCH?!

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I would NOT take this article as an assurance that we will be able to solve, or even live with, the Climate Change (and yes, GLOBAL WARMING) that is on the way.

Because NOTHING we can do will now end the risk of toppling Antarctic ice sheets cracking off into the water. NOTHING we can do, will end up saving most of Greenland’s glaciers either, or our own Alaskan glaciers, which are RAPIDLY melting off, and thereby increasing the rates at which solar radiation is absorbed.

“Making up for the lost time won’t be easy.”

Understatement of the year, that one… And it is NOT a good look, to be saying that we might JUST be able to save ourselves if we buckle down now… we SHOULD have been running, and FUNDING, a government that was able to handle this at our direction (you know: the PEOPLE’s direction!), rather than serially denying that there was any problem at all…