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Will We Ever Stop the Drones?


Will We Ever Stop the Drones?

Laura Flanders

Almost a year after the 2012 election, Florida congressman Alan Grayson decided to hold a hearing. The number of drone attacks were going up not down; sparse news reports from mostly military sources weren’t making much of an impact on the American public.

In October 2013, Grayson decided to invite a Pakistani family who'd experienced an attack themselves to Capitol Hill to address congress directly. On October 29, they came to Washington, including thirteen year old Zubair who was gravely hurt in a U.S. drone attack on his home community.


This is two years ago you are saying the drones are increasing. Can you tell me what is happening with that in 2015? Thanks…



Americans should care. Obamanation is preparing to launch 30,000 armed drones across the USA.


As James Madison (father of the US Constitution) said, the instruments of war abroad always become tyranny here at home.