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Will Whoever Fires Bob Mueller Please Turn Off the Lights


Will Whoever Fires Bob Mueller Please Turn Off the Lights

Victoria Bassetti

If Donald Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it could be a lot harder than people think.

Indeed, as far back as July, Trump mused about firing Mueller. In a New York Times interview, Trump was asked if he would fire the special counsel if he started looking at subjects unrelated to the Russia probe, such as his finances.




Nobody interested? Trump is toast from one blow or another. The Republicans need him gone before Presidents’ Day or they are going to get massacred in both Houses. His record will become THEIR record, after a year of the Trump presidency.


There’s always a silver lining, no matter how dark the cloud!


I’m engaging in a bit of fantasy here, but here goes: even if all the dem wins yesterday turn out to be from the ‘billary wing’ I’d really like to think that most of the reptardicons are beginning to wonder if it isn’t time to shove the prictator off the roof of the Orange House [Fllllyyyyy little birdie!] so they don’t have to face We the People saying a resounding “YOU’RE FIRED!” next year … Anyway, a girl can dream!


Sounds like this guy would make the perfect prictator patsy …


Mueller’s just as dirty as the people he’s investigating. What a farce.

Wake me up when real accountability and the rule of law returns. I can sleep for centuries. It’ll probably do me good.


… A policy wonk with a great sense of humor. What a rare combination… :slight_smile:


Not a dream, dear. I am William P. Homans, and I write a column on www.opednews.com. There are undoubtedly journalistic people, from mainstream media reporters and commentators to freelance, uh, pundits like myself, who are unable to completely see the path this must take because of their closeness to, or even personal stake in, the inevitable result.

I have nothing to lose or gain through analysis, for as a lifelong left-side political activist (VVAW) I have regarded myself as nationally disenfranchised for this entire century, and well back into the last one. My last two votes cast with any conviction were Dukakis and Carter, though I did vote for Obama in 2008. I vote for my local offices, commissioners, sheriff, nothing higher than State Representative, and I’m friends in real life with him.

In the last two elections I have proudly-- fools would say, quixotically-- cast my vote for Dr. Jill Stein, while reflecting that 97% of the American voting public were voting for a proven war hawk who had benefited by a questionable novel change in Democratic primary delegate assignations-- “superdelegates”-- versus the most unqualified and most serially self-disqualified candidate of a major party in the history of the United States who had made an ample number of threats during the campaign that he was going to carry out an aggressive military policy. The Libertarian, Johnson, was not pro-war, but extreme libertarianism as economics falls apart, and he didn’t know what a leppo was. LOL.

All this merely to establish the distance from which I may observe the political machinations. For the majority of us, Robert Mueller can’t get to the head of the matter quickly enough, and although all Americans, and indeed, all citizens of the world, are at existential risk every day that he continues to have access to nuclear launch codes (besides all the damage he can do WITHOUT unleashing World War Three), it is actually the Republican Party under the most specific time pressure.

I’ve been writing steadily from the perspective that the Republicans are going to have to depose him one way or another. And impeachment is far to time-consuming a process, because they now have 352 days until November 6, 2018, the midterm elections, to somehow either convince the American public that Trump is not going to hurt Americans, and is actually making America great again, or take action to remove him summarily.

I’m afraid the action may have to be carried out by the, what do they call it, Article 25 process, where the President is determined to be unfit for office. Some people are likening that to a palace coup, but it’s up to the Pubs how bad they want to lose the Senate and House in the looming midterms.

It will be a massacre on November 6 if Trump is still POTUS by the summer. The degree of the massacre will be greater the longer they delay, and they know it.

Reptardicons. Hmmm. That’s pretty synthetic (in the best sense of the word).


Not sure Article 25 is what I want – I want Pence out almost as badly as I want the prictator out (more words for your synthesis :thinking::sunglasses:). That said, anyone of the elected terrorists in line to become president is worse than bad from this leftists’ perspective.
I also voted for Jill Stein in 2012 & 2016.
I’m feeling rather conflicted at this point concerning Mueller – I want the perp walk to happen yesterday, but I also want him to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ twice if need be, so I must be content to wait, but it sure ain’t easy – I’m growing older by the hour!

**Synthetic as in: “Having truth or falsity determinable by recourse to experience.”? Well you know, when it comes to IQ45 I truly believe he is damn close to being 2 standard deviations below the mean, and it is my contention that anyone who supports that particular reptardicon is also seriously lacking in the IQ department; so yes, I have come to this conclusion by way of experience.