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Will You 'Promise to Protect'? Coalition Urges New Wave of Resistance to Stop KXL


Will You 'Promise to Protect'? Coalition Urges New Wave of Resistance to Stop KXL

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We need you to take a stand no matter what land you live or work on. The struggle to save Mother Earth begins with you."


Ok folks, here it is your big chance to do the right thing. To change what is otherwise a hellish destiny. These people know what they are talking about and it is time you for you to understand what is at stake and support them in whatever way you can. Many thanks to Promise to Protect.


I posted at length at Common Dreams at the other article on the Keystone XL.(Nebraska’s plight) This tar sand crap should stay in the ground, period. Find other ways to conduct commerce. Start conserving, it starts with individuals becoming away of the dire situation we all face. No more rampant consumerism, we don’t need a new smartphone every season, I don’t have a mobile at all or own a car.Conserve your trips, plan ahead, leave car parked 1-2 days a week. Walk, ride a bike. Turn off unneeded lights. But really it’s up the the governments of the world to start actions, real concrete actions, now, if mankind doesn’t want to perish. And I don’t see the willingness to even acknowledge that a problem exists let alone the catastrophe it actually is. Toxins spew in unimaginable quantities in the atmosphere, the land and the oceans in a death spiral to oblivion. So I watch from the sidelines as humans destroy beautiful Earth and her children and I’m powerless to do anything to really, truly to help her.


Promise to Protect sign on is now officially launched -also noting the SolarX campaign


Of course anything each of us can do, we need to do to protect Mother Earth! But I have participated in peaceful protests in the past and while it may make one feel good, it usually does little good; however, they did manage to shut down the WTO in Seattle. if enough people participate in PROMISE TO PROTECT maybe, just maybe, this environmental, terrorist, pipeline can be shut down!


Trying to understand why neither the expert environmental activists or other critics, keep forgetting two important arguments against any further devastation of our land to benefit outsiders and foreign corporations:—is—one, the cost benefit break-point given consistently low oil prices and two, all the disgusting pollution (including the current oil pipeline spill by Trans Canada pipeline and the present filthy slop, that are the oil sands (lies and more lies—As not one more taxpayer dollar should ever be used on projects any corporations claims will make ‘profits’…(in reality only for them)…

.Next election requires a complete paid up clearing of all departmental outstanding accounts of corporate welfare --meaning any and all subsidies not repaid since the 70’s (695 billion and ever increasing–imagine lowering corporate tax rates and tax cuts all on tip of this waste-for-promised-expensive-jobs…?


Demonstrations are part of the Non-Violent Social Revolucion!
They show solidaridad, and generate an energy that isn’t seen, but is felt. And they Do influence the Big Change!
Viva La Revolucion de la Gente!


There is a 43 billion US $ pipeline deal signed recently. Although it may be stopped - I somehow doubt it, as the Chinese President Xi Jingping is behind it, as is Trump, and Xi is regarded by many as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao, following recent developments.

Even here in Alberta, Canada, our socialist premier is hell-bent on getting tar sands oil to Pacific and Atlantic tidewater.

Protest - fine - but what is needed is another FDR and New Deal - and how likely is this?


These people represent the externalized costs and their purpose is to unite that part of the discussion with the project details. They know better than anyone because they live with this 24/7. The tar sands have lost a lot of value and stopped expanding so this makes no sense. When you consider the environmental costs it is pretty much insane. We can do better.


The NDP is hardly “socialist”…


I suspect there are many ways to defeat them, resistence on the ground being only one. Solarizing, getting off oil is another. Speaking up where ever we are…becoming fearless in the face of ‘business as usual’ mindsets…connecting the dots between unconventional oil, water loss, species loss, and all unsustainable forms of economic growth. We all have a part to play, maybe many parts.

But to the Promise to Protect warriors…let’s all tell them we are with them. WE ARE WITH YOU…NOT AFRAID TO SAY SO. And oh yes.

Send money.


Those are all good ideas!!! And I’m sure there are many more.


I think national governments have to set the tone but really emissions reductions have to come mainly from states, provinces, and local governments. National governments certainly must play a role but it is policies set at lower levels that have the most effect. The electrical grid is mainly controlled by the states in the US. The roads are largely controlled by the states and local governments. Cap and trade programs in the US are all run by states. With regard to cap and trade I read that Virginia is interested in joining the northeast program. That would really be a breakthrough for a southern state to join. That is one bit of positive news among all the negative news such as Keystone.


If politicians and commissions approve pipelines as has happened in this case then the last best hope is the courts. This still may be stopped in the courts. If you lose in the courts as happened in the Dakota Access pipeline then basically the game is over. Demonstrations are needed. Even if they can’t stop Keystone this movement is much bigger than Keystone and it needs demonstrations to grow. Keystone has become a symbol for the whole movement to limit fossil fuel production but is just one pipeline. There are a number of tar sands pipelines in the approval process in the US and Canada including one in the Midwest being proposed by Enbridge. Ultimately it will carry more oil than Keystone if completed.


You might want to think long and hard about REDD. The profile and methodology is colonization in the extreme.
REDD + Indigenous Peoples= Genocide


How do you see cap and trade as something that would affect the Keystone? Cap and Trade is a token economy for pollution.


Thank you. Great link.

Some additional information


A return to non-violent mass action in opposition to KXL is essential.