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Will you Rise up for Climate Justice Next Week? Don’t Let Fatalism and Cynicism Hold you Back


Will you Rise up for Climate Justice Next Week? Don’t Let Fatalism and Cynicism Hold you Back

Diana Stuart

April 15 will initiate an international week of rebellion led by the UK’s Extinction Rebellion, part of a global wave of movements demanding governments take bold action on climate change.



DIANE, as Strategist, rather than a social scientist, IMHO, firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite an essential continuation and completion of our original 1776 American “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage].

The seminal causal (cancer) is Empire — of which all other; ‘issues’, “symptom problems”, and our entire “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman] are subordinate (and distracting, ‘dividing and conquering’ detours).

Yes, as Kevin Zeese and Margaret have proven it takes only 3% to 5% of the citizens to achieve a successful Revolution Against Empire — but that is precisely what all revolutions are against.

This current 21st century one is indeed unique in all history — it is a Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist Empire — but it can, and only can, be overcome with a peaceful people’s “Political/economic and social Revolution Against Empire”.

Fortunately, we have a helpful ‘gift’ in the fact that faux-Emperor Trumpius is the first clearly obvious, if megalomaniac sociopath, EMPEROR, and thus our ability to start a “Revolution Against Empire” (and him as an Emperor) is a sort of blessing in disguise.

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From the Walking Communities of 2040 essay:
“The most telling aspect of self-driving car folly is eliminating ownership whereupon all cars are kept in central garage locations and dispatched on demand. Never mind that in a grid failure, every household with an EV in the garage gains a backup power supply. Never mind any emergency where a car is needed immediately, not one that may arrive too late. Self-driving car tech completely denies those safety features and pretends ‘mass tailgating’ won’t produce horrific multi-car pileups. Self-driving tech in many ways puts safety dead last. A household EV offers the means to more closely monitor and reduce energy consumption overall, both for driving and household use. Rooftop PV solar arrays are thee perfect match to EV battery packs. Perhaps most important, a household EV is an incentive to drive less, whereby more trips become possible without having to drive, whereby local economies grow and alternate modes of travel - mass transit, walking and bicycling - all more energy efficient than EVs alone - may serve more travel needs in this vision of walking communities in 2040.”

I just wanted to share the last 2 of its 5 paragraphs.
Its intent to boldly suggest a better world is possible. Honolulu will soon transport its air visitors via electric rail wherever. However, flight itself became restrictive to other than vacation purposes. Honolulu traffic will get better with quite nice looking rail line and stations. The essay concludes hybrid drive is more applicable to vehicle weight classes plus broader distribution of resources and recharge facilities. Limited ‘ev’ distance hybrid sedans, minvans, light SUV potential may be more than 10x that distribution a Tesla World self-driving pretentious hyperloop underground single-late tube highways so Elon can get to the airport where his Learjet lay.

People, think Walking Communities, please. And a flight moratorium for Honolulu in the next 3 years, say in 2021 to celebrate the Trump Team dump for the last time. The moratorium would give Honolulu time and means to reform transit vehicle type ground-up for EV operation chassis applicable to hybrids also.



Change takes place when the critical mass is reached. It can either be like a snowball rolling down the hill, gathering size with its momentum speeding up.

Or it could be the same as an avalanche, sudden and unexpected arising from a small possibly seemingly insignificant cause.

However, for either to succeed, there has to be a battle of ideas, confronting the ideology of capitalism with the ideology of socialism. This is the educational, agitational role of political movements.

To understand socialism, one must necessarily understand capitalism. This is where most fail. Socialists actually have a vision of a better world, with fundamentally different social relations. As a first step, we need to talk seriously to each other and examine and criticise each other’s ideas in a comradely way.



Questions for Diana Stuart and others: You write, “…get involved and stay involved”. I have to agree that getting involved is really important. But there are more ways to get involved than any of us can ever get involved. Ways to get involved include living sustainably, being informed about issues and candidates, volunteering for advocacy groups, having conversations with people who have a different point of view, or protesting. Any suggestions as to which of these kinds of actions we emphasize in order to be effective? Will protesting change the minds of our leaders, and if so why will protesting change their minds? I hope something works!



No, Diana Stuart, we are not falling prey to “fatalism and cynicism.”

And shame on you for nastily suggesting we are cynics and fatalists.

Instead we see through the toxic charade of Capitalist “democracy.” We know beyond doubt the absolute absurdity – indeed the breathtaking dementia – of the British Big Lie that under the New World Order of Neoliberal (neo-Nazi, Christo/Nazi) tyranny, a mere 3.5 percent of the population can bring about meaningful change.

That’s because we know for a fact the absolute truth of the anti-humanitarian malevolence reported here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/average-u-s-citizens-little-influence-government-policy/189520/

We recognize – typically with anger and fear so intense it is unspeakable – that we live in a world so maliciously despotic not even 75 or 80 percent percent public support – as for redefining U.S. healthcare as a human right rather than a privilege of wealth – is sufficient to compel humanitarian change:

Hence maximum shame on you Ms. Stuart for:

(1)–Imagining you can so falsely belittle those of us who recognize that nothing short of revolution will counter the ecocidal/genocidal schemes implicit in the Neoliberal (neo-Nazi/ChristoNazi) tyranny that now rules the U.S.Empire and all its puppet-states including the United Kingdom;

(2) – Functioning as yet another defender of the ultimate (and ultimately apocalyptic) Big Lie of “American democracy,” which is by far the most self-destructive Big Lie in our species’ entire history of 200 thousand-to 300 year;

And (3) – for setting up the entire Combat-Climate-Change movement for the staggering disappointment (not to mention the innumerable cases of clinical depression and suicide) bound to be inflicted when we (again) discover Capitalism cannot be reformed, and that all such efforts are nothing more than additional examples of the “change-we-can-believe-in” co-optation and betrayal dealt us by the Democratic (sic) Party.

Obviously, like nearly all the other arrogant bourgeois elitists protected by post-JFK, post-Powell-Memo, Heritage-Foundation-approved academic tenure elitists – Ms. Stuart pretends to be a radical while her implicit opposition to true revolution proves beyond argument her undying support for Capitalist savagery.

Bottom line – and how many goddamn trillions of times must it be said to penetrate the self-inflicted Ayn Rand wall of stupidity that seals the Moron Nation mind? – there will be no universal free health care in the Imperial Homeland until it is achieved by revolution.

Real revolution – hopefully nonviolent – but real revolution nevertheless. Which – anathema to the cravenly submissive USian majority – demands the always difficult-to-achieve prerequisites of effective leadership, functional organization, solidarity, ideological discipline and – since it is either world socialism or extinction – alliance with supportive foreign powers.



Extinction is normal, like Evolution. Attempting to stop it might be the epitome of HUBRIS



CORRECTION: my 11th graf shud rede, “…there will be neither universal free health care, nor a green new deal, nor any other progressive change in the Imperial Homeland until it is achieved by revolution.” (Apology for these grave omissions on my part, for which we can blame the chronic male inability to multi-task, in this instance to cope with an infuriatingly Right-wing telephonic intrusion just as l was writing the comment.)



I read 10 years ago in one of my favourite spiritual authors books that it takes only 3-5 % of the population to reach critical mass .
We must continue the raising of conciousness and pressure on the so called authority .
It’s the people who have the real power,we just don’t know it YET !

An evolution revolution is happening .



not very reassuring. 3.5% of population dedicated to something is potentially strong but not necessarily good - think guns, banning abortion, or as in Brexit, Trump, yellow vests - keeping out foreigners and driving everywhere without limits



Executive directors of polluting industries only care for their own upper class lifestyle. That the rest of us struggle to live even modestly decent lives, they have no interest whatsoever. Denial of global warming is an act of war with the same grisly results, death and destruction. The USA is closer than ever to a police state where armed authoritarian conservatives lust to savagely suppress dissenting views.
Mr45 lusts for the World War III his ruling class are planning.

The only solution to global warming is the gradual restriction of activities dependent upon fossil fuel, starting with RVs, recreational travel, tourism. How to package that strategy with a hopeful vision for a better future is no easy task. It’s likely the human race could get more with less. For instance, household energy saving measures like insulation reduce not only consumption and winter heating bills, homes also become more comfortable, cleaner, healthier and more sturdily built to last decades longer and more easily passed on to new owners in future generations. The next big energy saving technologies are household EVs, both hybrid and all-battery, grid-tied and matched to rooftop solar arrays. Yet, Bill Gates suspiciously ignores the many benefits that household EVs offer.