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Willfully Protecting the Monsters


Willfully Protecting the Monsters

Sorry, more icky news. The same day that a woman who accused Roy Moore, who said he'd never met her, produced a scrapbook to prove he's lying, the Predator-In Chief went for it and endorsed a mini-me predator - telling him, in wildly regrettable terms, "Go get 'em, Roy!" - and the GOP said it now supports a child-molesting bigot 'cause really at this point having sold what was left of their shriveled little souls why not. Dear God, make it stop.


There’s a sickness here," he writes, "that we need to name and condemn.

Reread Sam Harris’ The End Of Faith

When one Sacrifices Rational Thought in service to whatever gobbledygook Myth of the Week from your Diseased Prelate, All Bets are Off.

Lies vs Rational Thought

Which way are we going? With the Lemmings?

Jihadists or Religious Redecks, same difference.


Yes. Funny-dementalists, as our own Uncle Fester calls them, are trouble, no matter what flavor.

To the extent that it causes you to be a better parent or neighbor, religious faith can be a powerful force for good. But when it leads you to abuse your children or to hate your neighbors, it becomes superstition, and I’ll have no part of it.

The founders erected a “wall of separation between church and state” for eminently good and sufficient reasons. For a certain kind of person, however—one whose sense of self depends on control of everything in sight, for example—that’s problematic.


It really is the abandonment of Rational Thought for the “Faith of the Moment” Program.

Harris got pummeled on this because he shows no difference between religions on this point.

He in fact suggests that when we are trashing Islam for not standing up to their extremists, we are missing our responsibility to confront our own Fundamentalist Christians that are bringing Crusading WAR to the Heretics.

Since we are on scripture “Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?”

When we take on Beliefs not substantiated by Facts, well… Anybody can make up Anything.

In fact he suggests that a core Ethics is far preferable to a twisted Faith that is presented by a Disturbed or Ignorant Prelate.

Lots of Pharisees around these days.

Good Samaritans…not as many as we need.


Did the state corrupt the church or the church corrupt the state. Either way it is a usurious relationship devoid of ethics and predicated on a false morality. Not just icky and if he gets elected well lets just hope that doesn’t happen.


The problem is that Jones can’t make zealots and jackasses use their noggins.


I hate to say it, but this country is fast becoming fertile ground for Fascist Theocracy and an inevitable Inquisition 2.0.


Let’s at least be truthful here.

Moore is a slimy character for sure (as are Republicans in general and many Alabamans), but he is not a child molester or a pedophile, which is defined as a person who has sex (or attempts to) with prepubescent individuals. None of the young women could be defined as such, and only with Corfman (the fourteen year-old) did things progress beyond kissing (and barely so). The age of consent in Alabama happens to be 16, so he was in no danger there.

All I’m saying is that it doesn’t help matters to exaggerate things or misrepresent the actual truth.


Doesn’t anyone get it yet?

The role of the Democratic Party is not to be the opposition party to the Republicans.

It is to pretend to be that,

Its actual role is to work with the Republicans (behind closed doors, mostly) to assure that the rich get richer, at the expense of the rest of us, if need be. They only oppose them enough on the surface to give the illusion that there really is a political choice, so the people (liberals and moderates, mostly) don’t actually get what’s going on, and effectively rebel.

In other words, their job is to make sure that the left (what’s left of them) and the center stay asleep.


Fundamentalists speak from their ‘fundament’. That’s from their asshole, in case you’re wondering.


Sam Harris is profoundly religious - he believes in the state.

Sam Harris uses his hypotheticals - if there was a weapon. That only killed the bad guys…

Think about that just for a second and it’s clear how childish and faith based that is- a godlike weapon that takes out the bad guys - when he says bad guys he means those that intend harm on Americans - and when Americans harm people it was with the best of intentions - quite a leap of faith to believe that

Sam Harris I do not understand the appeal


And just as Colmes was dropped by Hannity when no longer necessary to the pretension of “fair and balanced,” the Democratic party will be dropped from this shit-show of “democratic governance.”


The fact that Alabama considers 16 to define sexual legitimacy doesn’t cut much slack with me.
How would we feel if these were our daughters or sisters? Whether his behavior is barely legal or not, the fact remains that his actions were reprehensible, unacceptable and unworthy of a “supposed” Public Servant.