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William Barr’s Deep State Resume: Cover-Ups, Covert Ops, and Pardons


William Barr’s Deep State Resume: Cover-Ups, Covert Ops, and Pardons

Jefferson Morley

“I started off in Washington at the Central Intelligence Agency and went to law school at night while I was working at CIA,” recalled William Barr in a 2001 oral history for the University of Virginia.



Great history lesson in need of revisiting since Mr. Baer is center stage, yet again.
April Glaspie was recently mentioned in a conversation regarding the MENA and all the machinations and serious shenanigans of The Alphabets and the Reagan/Bush Adms. Good Ol’ April- Would love to hear what she thinks of the phrase " the criminalization of U.S. foreign policy ". Coming from Baer, that’s very rich in guano since about February of 1979 and the Iran fiasco.
My questions to Republican Brahmins like Baer and the Bush Clan would center around; since when hasn’t U. S. foreign policy been a criminal activity? And, like all cancers in the body politic left untreated, it continues to spread like a wind-aided grassfire.
Doesn’t all this point to why we can’t accurately audit the DoD and the rest of The Police & Security State? Trillions of $$$ unaccounted for sounds about right.



Nowhere in his confirmation hearings did Barr say he would make available Mueller’s final report on obstruction of justice, “Russian meddling”, co-conspirator statements, or any evidence…itself an obstruction of justice as Barr and trump apparently can censor and/or hide the entire probe. Barr himself becomes part of the obstruction of justice! I am not a lawyer (obviously) but there must be some disclosure to people in some position of power that can demand some disclosure and reckoning…isn’t there?
Public funds were spent, public trust violated, the Oath of Office violated and corruption on a vast scale are all likely components of what will be the final report…if the Congress and/or people cannot evaluate the report it becomes an obstruction itself. The US dicktatorship just continues to gain power because elected reps and mechanisms are ignored and sabotaged by this most destructive regime in US history!



Thank you for mentioning April Glaspie, whose role in Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait is in danger of falling down the memory hole. Fleshing out those details wouldn’t have made the article too long, nor would it have been too far off topic.



The U. S. public was always going to get a " redacted " version of the Mueller Report. Classified info, etc. was never going to be released in whole.
You’re absolutely correct about obstruction: I called my gov’t officials and they gave me this # to call, 1-800-555-1212 Ext. 911. It’s the Select Committee on Selecting What Bullshit the Congress Selects to Serve The Suckers, i.e. The General Population. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Glaspie is the diplomatic poster child for " speaking with a forked tongue ".
She’s blamed for being a " giant shit stirer " but I’ve always thought she " was just following orders ". Whose orders we may never be able to pin down. It’s classified as Triple Top Secret and requires Bushytail One’s secret decoder ring which was buried with him. :slight_smile:



Is the vote going to be before Monday? That’s when the new congress sits, right?