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William Blum, US Policy Critic Derided by NYT, Dies at 85


William Blum, US Policy Critic Derided by NYT, Dies at 85

Jim Naureckas

You know you’ve lived well—well enough to rattle the establishment—when the New York Times smears you in the obituary it runs about you (FAIR.org, 6/20/13).


The NYT absolutely smeared Howard Zinn when he died, so their smear of William Blum is hardly surprising.

Of course, these obits of aging public figures are all pre-written with only the age and date of death and a few late details needing to be filled-in. So, considering that Noam Chomsky turned 90 last week, it would be a valuable service for someone in the NYT to leak his obit so he can - in his excellent style - savagely rebut every claim in it while he still can…

What a sorry world it is when the arguably most important public intellectual in the world must rebut his own obituary written by the obsequent media!

Where is a time machine when we need one…


I think William Blum’s book “Killing Hope” is the very best book of its kind.
It’s on my Top Ten Books List for understanding the horrific crimes the USA has done worldwide since WWII.

It’s infuriating (and very revealing about the NYT!) that the NYT would dare to smear Mr. Blum upon his death!
Especially since the corporate media “speaks no ill of the dead,” but instead praises war criminal Presidents and Senators when they die.

RIP Mr. Blum. You performed heroic and valuable service to the USA and the world by telling us all the truth!


Bin Laden was many things, but not ignorant. Americans should have listened to his advice by
reading what Blum wrote. It would have been “very useful” indeed.

I have readI recommend it to all here.


Speaking ill of the dead

Who were never allowed to answer in life


Jim, Please stop repeating the lie that OSAMA caused the ‘event’, 911. We know that the Mossad with Neocon support blew up the Towers to create chaos in the Middle East. The rape of the treasury and wars for profit have ensued. The only winner is the apartheid country which controls our congress,POTUS, and media propaganda machines. The losers are the Americans who have lost their liberties.


Like I said, Idolize war criminals like John McCain and George HW Bush , and smear people that were TRULY trying to make a difference and attack the corrupt state.

The Mainstream media goes out of its way when it does this. They are a pathetic group of lickspittles.

I have read William Blum extensively and the reason they seek to smear him is because he spoke TRUTH to the lies the MSM would rather you believe.

RIP to one of the GREAT Americans.


For a different take on GHW Bush, check out:


Thanks. That an excellent article and only lists a small number of Bush crimes.


Another piece on Bush that I liked: https://therealnews.com/stories/george-h-w-bush-war-criminal-cia-spy-oil-tycoon-embodiment-of-us-elite

I read parts of Killing Hope in the late 80s - I didn’t read it cover to cover, but it gave me an accurate impression of my government that I wish I could say has changed. As with Zinn, he will be missed by many.


I feel as if I’ve lost a brother. WB’s books are near at hand, always. Rest assured, WB’s intellectual legacy to speak truth to power will live on. R.I.P.


“In an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell

As more and more young people around the world are realizing the relevance of Orwell’s above statement the NYT and other protectors of the oligarchy are pushing back.


You got it right!! But maybe dear Bill is smiling over the stupidity from which he escaped.


Comment deleted.


Hi wlawlor,

Who are you talking to with your statement quoted above?
My name is Jim, but I didn’t say that statement.
If you’re replying to nighthawk’s comment above in this thread, nighthawk’s name is John.


Apparently only bad people tell the truth.


The American sheeple really ate up the recent Bush glorification by the MSM. No wonder Bush had that silly smile on his face.