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William & Mary Honors War Criminal


William & Mary Honors War Criminal

Ray McGovern

Nothing better illustrates the extent to which the United States has turned its back on the rule of law than when the likes of Condoleezza Rice are asked to address graduates and receive doctoral degrees honoris causa at university commencements. Ms. Rice – in my view a war criminal – was accorded those honors Saturday by the College of William and Mary, the second-oldest college in the U.S.


What does Pope Francis think about honoring Condoleeza, the war criminal?


College of William and Mary doesn’t just honor war criminals, it hires them as well.
Search the name “Philip DeCamp.”


Anyone who doubts the mortal combat between the CIA and their military counterparts need only follow Ray McGovern’s writing for proof of this ongoing and protracted conflict. As former company operatives, neither Ray nor his VIPS cohort could care less about matters of ethical or moral rectitude.
What has their dander up is the encroachment by the military on what they consider as their sovereign turf. That’s all Ray McGovern is about–nothing more or less. A plague on the houses of both the CIA and the oxymoronic “military intelligence” community.


I think the author just doesn’t like strong black women.


Condy is so very irrelevant. Wonder if Randy Bean was there cheering for CR? Rice was GW Bush’s token dilettante marionette with academic credentials and a close, loving relationship with Chevron for several years prior to being appointed SoS. A devil’s dream.


Important words and fine analysis, Mr. McGovern. Thank you, particularly for imparting these quotes. They hit right on the moral cornerstone that allowed for Crimes Against Humanity:

"Berrigan lamented “highly placed” churchmen and their approval of war, “uttered … with sublime confidence, from on high, from highly placed friendships, and White House connections.”

“Thus compromised,” warned Berrigan, “the Christian tradition of nonviolence, as well as the secular boast of disinterested pursuit of truth — these are reduced to bombast, hauled out for formal occasions, believed by no one, practiced by no one.”


Her race is irrelevant. She is clearly a war criminal. That is the worst kind of person there is. She and the other warmongers caused over a million deaths and such conduct should be punished, not rewarded. Duh!


She also spoke at the alumni dinner for Portland State University a few years ago. An alum met her at the National Car Dealers Association and she charmed him and she got invited to speak. What a shame on the university’s reputation.
I complained in letters to many many people. I did not attend the dinner and couldn’t as I had to be out of town.
I so wanted to attend and disrupt. She is also employed by Stanford University. When they call us for alumni contributions I say no, not as long as war criminal Condi Rice is still in your employ.


War Crimes: Commit. Forget. Repeat.


I remember last year that I got into an online discussion/argument with one of her fawning fans over the Rutgers commencement. He essentially asked me how I, a mere mortal, dared question her accomplishments and then asked if I was even qualified to speak to her and ask her questions about her part in the Iraq invasion. I told him “yes” but didn’t get a reply after that.