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'Willing to Put Lives at Risk to Fill RBG's Seat': Despite Covid-19 Outbreak, McConnell Says 'Full Steam Ahead' for Confirmation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/willing-put-lives-risk-fill-rbgs-seat-despite-covid-19-outbreak-mcconnell-says-full

Hopefully, McConnell too will test positive in the next few days.  Only about three percent of those who catch, or (more accurately) get caught by Covid-19 pass away as a result, but it is more like five percent of older folks.  Maybe Mother Nature will “clean House” – AND clean up the Senate – during the next few months . . .


This just furthers my idea that the Republican party as lost it’s ability to face reality, it as very little if any credibility with the majority of the people and is doing the democrats a favor by behaving like re-responsible children, everyone already knows what hypocrites they are!


What republicans fully understand which the American voters do not is that after they’re in power long enough to crash the country with their for private profit schemes, voters finally catch up to the fact that they are nothing more than a bunch of lying scoundrels whose ideas don’t work. So, while they hold power they must seize every opportunity cause eventually they’ll get booted out and it may be another 8 years before Americans forget what they did the last time. American politics, here today, here tomorrow.


this cult believer needs to be carefully questioned on all her principles and beliefs. her past decisions have been harmful to us all! she must not be allowed to be on the court, or if this happens, when the damn dems take over they must increase the size of the court so it becomes meaningless.


a more better result for all would be the end of McConnell with death by virus as he too has been exposed. don’t they all deserve to go the way of their murderous leader???


I suppose they’ll want to get Coney-Barrett confirmed before Trump and/or Republican Senators die of COVID-19.


Karma will seek you out, grab you by the short ones and take you to a place you have never been before. Peace


One can hope that karma finds McConnell and the rest of those disgusting Republicans.


I admit it, this morning, I laughed when I saw the news that Trump has covid-19. That’s real karma kicking in.

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Given the situation and timing, this is NOT about Process and Law, but purely POLITICS and is, in the end, offensive and abusive behavior against the American people. There is NO legal or moral reason to rush such an important decision. It is about … Power … and nothing more.

IN a truly just society, this would lead to criminal sentences for quite a few players!!

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Ever since Covid struck early this year Moscow Mitch has frequently kept the Senate in session solely for the purpose of confirming fascist federal court judges.


My problem with karma is that it is retroactive.

Just in case McConnell hasn’t already been exposed, it is imperative that he and two or three of the top 'Poop-licken senators meet with Tweetle-Dumb in his hospital room a.s.a.p. and then share the resultant plan with their 50 fellow fascist senators before the Senate as a whole meets for a hearing.  Ideally, at least a dozen of them will be hospital­ized before a confirmation vote can be taken, and three or four of the oldest and longest-serving will not survive their illness.

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This just in:


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It seems all republican candidates for anything lie. Let them lie, but if confirmed pledge to step down immediately upon discovery of one of those lies.
The ones that don’t have to lie are trump’s appointees.

Well, 'Tank, we’ve known for a long time that Giuli-Loony is Bat-Shit Krazy — almost as loony as his #1 client,

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This is evidence of the democrats fake ‘compassion’ that’s a whole load of crap. They like to charge the other side of the aisle with what they themselves exhibit. This is obvious to those of us who are of neither party and are watching from a distance.

It is also obvious to those of us who are members of neither party that the whole thing is a big show, and when no­body’s looking all 100 senators (well, 98 or 99, anyway) and at least 400 of the 435 chameleons in the House all sit down together to figure out how best to keep us squabbling amongst ourselves so that they can continue to enrich
their corporate masters and thereby “earn” their trivial few millions themselves.

When D’s and R’s were more congenial to each other and could actually carry on an intelligent conversation, perhaps this nomination would be put off. But, since the R’s have had to put up with so much hate and vitriol and lies (Russian collusion, obstruction, etc.), the gloves are off. And I don’t blame them one bit. When your opponent disregards the rules, you are a fool if you, yourself, follow them. (Although, in this case, the Senate can take up the SCOTUS nomination, according to the constitution).