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'Willing to Put Lives at Risk to Fill RBG's Seat': Despite Covid-19 Outbreak, McConnell Says 'Full Steam Ahead' for Confirmation

Yes, that’s why so many apolitical “deep state” patriots in the FBI, CIA, Dept. of State, etc, etc. – most of whom have served for many years under both Ds and Rs – have warned about Russkie interference.  Vladi Putin’s gang spotted Tweetle-Dumb as a VERY obvious “Useful Idiot” and groomed him for many years.*  Why else would DeutscheBank bail him out so many times and for so much, why he made tons of money on “Miss Universe” (not to mention the col­lateral ‘perks’) while Russkie ‘investor’ lost lots, and the carrot of a ‘Trump Tower Moscow’.  Just who suggested Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State when Moscow was working on a deal with Exxon to help develop the Siberian oil fields, and GiuliLoony’s & Lev Parnas, etc.   Where there’s that much smoke there’s GOT to be fire . . .

Actually, who is Melania Trump other than an Eastern European porn star groomed to charm Tweetle-Dumb and to further ensnare him in Vladi’s subtle and complex long term and patient plan?

*  What Amerikan in the past 50 years has been more useful to an obvious long-term adversary of the United States – weakening our alliances with Western Europe and sowing division & chaos at home?   And, speaking of idiots, who is more utterly stupid and incapable of complex thought than Donnie-Boy??


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More vitriol. By the way, how many Moslems did Obama/Clinton kill? Do those lives not count? Was he not a murderous leader?

Speaking of vitriolic responses . . .   There was NOTHING in Kikiki5’s posts that in any way exonerated O’Bummer or either of the Crooked Clintons.  Actually, none of them were even mentioned.  But I do agree that O’Bummer’s failure
to end Amerika’s invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan (into which we were dragged by Tricky Dick Cheney and his puppet the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, with the support of Sleepy-Creepy Joe, and P’Loser, and most congress-critturs on BOTH sides of the aisle), IS reprehensible — even though well outside the original thrust of the article in question here.

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