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Win for Whales, Dolphins as Obama Rejects Explosive Blasting for Oil

Win for Whales, Dolphins as Obama Rejects Explosive Blasting for Oil

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a move praised by conservation groups, the Obama administration on Friday announced that it rejected the six pending permit applications to conduct airgun seismic surveys for fossil fuel exploration off the Atlantic coast.

Finally a win, but will it really save them, other species and ours from worst polluters, ourselves?
No it won’t. Personally, I’m thinking Class Action lawsuit directed at BNSF. Hello. Running rail on West Hayden Island Portland/Ft Vancouver, Columbia River is stupid, right? The question is:
What did Warren Buffett know and when did he know it? I figure $5Billion is about right.
“The engine that connects us”, my butthole.


Let’s hope this really is a win and not something that in a short time will be reversed by the new king, I mean president.


A good action and there are more such that must be taken. The extermination of wild mustangs and burros in the west is one. studies show that it is private cattle and sheep that destroy range lands, not wild horses.

Do NOT believe agency statements of ending the slaughter! PLEASE Speak out NOW - make your voice heard to end the madness of killing!! They only say they have “no current plans to kill the (45,000) horses”

About 6 Million cattle/sheep are on western lands, much of it public lands, and less than 25,000 wild horses!



Large predators are being exterminated as well as wild horses, from wolves and bears, to large cats and many more - the “management” of wild animals is focused on killing, not to find ways to keep a balance to wild animal populations, both predator and “prey”. Enlightened ranchers use large dogs to protect flocks rather than kill.

The Federal agency responsible for slaughtering millions of wild animals annually (beside the BLM) - Wildlife Services- a branch of the US Dept of Agriculture should itself be exterminated!




Thank you President Obama.

Hoping that among your last acts will be to remove Cannabis from Schedule I, where it has remained since Reefer Madness. It has led to the imprisoning and killing of thousands if not millions worldwide at a cost of billions, not to mention the endangerment of Presidents to be. A war on cannabis to protect pharmaceutical and tobacco, drug warrior salaries, private prison profits but mainly to keep the necks of black, brown and red people under oligarchy jackboots.

In its place, please include alcohol, the most harmful of all drugs, on Schedule I. Since alcohol is legal, the DEA doesn’t waste money on persecuting drunks. In effect, this makes the DEA useless to fight the most dangerous drug. It must focus on interdiction of harmless drugs like pot, or street heroin (not so much its pharmaceutical equivalents), home cooked drugs that help the poor survive and prohibition of research on very promising entheogens or psychedelics, to earn its salary

If the DEA can’t remove alcohol, the most lethal of all drugs from our streets, we need to question the existence of government drug warriors. These are draining billions from our government coffers and causing among other atrocities, the Black Holocaust.

Please consider eliminating the DEA, treating drug addiction as the medical problem it is, and ending the billion dollar War on Drugs (WOD)/Private Prison Complex that makes America No 1 in incarcerations. I think this would be your best legacy.