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Windfall of New Sanders Donations as Primary Battle Moves West


Windfall of New Sanders Donations as Primary Battle Moves West

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With a new fundraising record and thousands of passionate fans packing venues across Washington state this weekend, it appears that neither Bernie Sanders nor his supporters are going anywhere as the Democratic primary battle moves westward.


Go Bernie! As a Wahington native, proud to see he is drawing large crowds. Let’s trabslate that into a huge win at the upcoming caucuses.


" Bernie Sanders will soon be urging us to support Hillary Clinton in the presidential election."…Chris Hedges.

Chris Hedges, Grand Maven of Sour, thinks it is time to hit the streets. The quote is from the first sentence in the piece. I no longer am interested in the musings of Mr. Bitter. Deep down Mr. Hedges is really a standard interpreter of American politics, he is following to a tee the standard MSM narrative. While Hedges stews, Bernie is raising money, along with raising the roofs of the venues at which he speaks to throngs of thousands. Hedges doesn’t seem to understand, a Bernie pro forma endorsement of Hillary, is simply that, and the gentlemanly thing to do as a competing candidate. It means damn near nothing.


When an elected official tells you it’s time for Bernie to support Hillary you know they are on the take. If Bernie wins they may lose the income from all those special interest groups, corporations and banks. They are even saying he should quit calling out her baggage and run against Trump. Except in a primary he is running against Hillary, not Trump. He will beat Trump later. It’s so obvious, they can’t hide the finger on the scales for Hillary.
Bernie could still win and they know that. Plus it’s questionable if Hillary can even beat Trump without the Bernie camp support and that may not be there. Many, many people disliked Hillary long before this campaign. I can’t put my name on a vote for her knowing how corrupt she is.


In addition to the many millions of other voters who also “can’t put their name on a vote for her knowing how corrupt she is”, many additional voters will be similarly enlightened during the general election when the GOP will have the liberty of airing far more Clinton dirty laundry than Bernie or any other contender can get away exposing within a Democratic Party primary.


Now that Bernie is on the left coast and a place where Bernie would bury Trump in a general election, it is time the super delegates began to realize that they need to switch their votes to Bernie; otherwise, Trump could win the POTUS because HRC would be a much weaker candidate.


" He is not perfect."

True, especially on foreign policy, but Bernie’s assets far outweigh his liabilities and compared to that Trump supporter, the pistol, packin, mama from Alaska…Bernie is the epitome of virtue!


I agree that Hedges can seem quite the downer, plus his call for taking it to the streets, while it sounds inspiring, simply fails to catch the zeitgeist. The masses of Americans who are bitter at how they’re being stripped of their as sets and their rights, have not reached a point of desperation to overcome their inate fear of reprisals if they turn really radical, as the anti-war or civil rights movements of the past did.

That said, and I say this as a journalist who has been supporting Sanders in his audacious challenge to the oligarchs and to the corrupt Neoliberal establishment controlling the Democratic Party, Bernie has to look into his soul and realize that after all the good work he’s done in the face of a corporate media that has been working 24/7 to ignore, diminish, demonize and ultimately again ignore him, and in the face of a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who was happy to lie over and over about him, he cannot in good conscience turn around and support her if, through all this corruption, ends up winning the Democratic nomination. He MUST walk away from her and her campaign, and the party that for all these years he has avoided joining.

He has begun the work of organizing a new progressive movement. He has made the word socialism respectable again in US political discourse – no mean feat! – and he has activated a new generation. But it will all be for naught if he then tells all those who voted for him in the primaries that it’s okay to ultimately give their votes to a woman who is a handservant of the banksters, the monopolistic drug companies, the world-killing energy industry and the truly villainous arms merchants. NO! He must tell them he’s decided to run an independent campaign, or he needs to tell them to vote Green, and to offer himself as a candidate, either at the top or as running made, to Jill Stein, bringing his supporters and his funds with him.

This is a revolutionary moment in the US, and Sanders has shown he can raise the money needed to mount an outsider campaign. Either option could succeed in a three-way race where two of the most widely loathed candidates ever to have faced a national electorate – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – are in the mix.

Revolutions must have principles at their core, and voting for a war-mongering, greed-obsessed, lying and unprincipled narcissist like Hillary Clinton is to have no principles whatever, and would spell the death of Bernie’s “revolution.”

Dave Lindorff
Founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


After the last election I vowed that I would never again vote for the “lesser of two evils.” Whatever happens, I will NEVER vote for either Hillary or Trump. I will vote for Bernie even if I must do it as a write-in. Both major parties are a blight on our country. And PLEASE, don’t even mention Jill Stein or the Greens.


I just donated again and will be caucusing for Bernie in Utah on the 22nd. A March 8-15 poll has Sanders and Cruz winning easily. But it’s not that straight forward.

In 2014, a new nominating system was passed that introduced a dual track system: the Presidential Preference Poll run by party caucus, and a primary election for other (independents) candidates who collect enough signatures. It’s being implemented for the first time on the 22nd. The same poll indicated that 67% of voters plan to participate but of them, 53% don’t know where to go to vote.

Fingers crossed that every one of Bernie’s supporters finds their way!


What an ignorant and slanderous thing to say!

Human beings fill a spectrum of interests, attitudes, intelligence, aptitudes, and beliefs.

I think that Chris Hedges is one of the most brilliant moral analysts of our times and he is hardly part of the corporate media, you buffoon!

When you accomplish an iota of what Mr. Hedges has committed himself to accomplishing, then you could perhaps toss that first stone. Until then, trafficking in LIES does no one any service. And you should be called to the mat for this crap.

I didn’t chastise “History” although the pattern of sliming people like Hedges is very common in this “Progressive forum.”

The arguments that Chris Hedges raises in relation to Mr. Sanders are sound morally, but the quest for that level of accountability is virtually impossible at this time. That is why many of us recognize in Mr. Sanders, the best choice. He is not a perfect choice and he has been quiet about the logistics of foreign policy, and that is why Mr. Hedges has cause for his critique.

This “with us or against us” juvenile football team level of discourse is what you and History are pushing by using Hedges’ righteous indignation as basis to brand him a dangerous heretic or worse. You’re both doing a Hit Job on Chris Hedges and that is totally uncalled for. Besides, the allegation is 100% false. Save it for Bill O’Reilly and the right wing high paid shock jocks of Hate Radio.

The enlightened view is to think in terms of the spectrum and recognize that without substantial and compelling voices on the Left, the so-called middle would continue to migrate into right wing territory.

Instead of an “either-or” Hedges is “good guy” or Hedges is “bad guy” frame, recognize the important role played by those who expand the perimeter of the possible.

Of course, such a stance would spoil the tag team loyalties and scripted talking points so many are stationed here to espouse.


Quite nice!


Great, revolutionary thoughts! What a message that would send, eh!? Now, Sanders would be going back on his word, and that I feel he just won’t do, but he certainly could make a case for why he’s changed his mind, including due to the ways Clinton has misrepresented the truth through this very campaign. Perhaps a first step in shifting the electoral landscape, and elected officials, leftward is simply massive voter turnout by progressives, people of color, and the poor, and a 3-way race, while it certainly could result in Trump or another Repub winning, could simultaneously elect many more right-light (Democrat) and further-left candidates at all other levels, so a Trump presidency could be trumped by a progressively-weighted congress and states… and perhaps that would open up more viable paths for stronger progressive politics going forward… just idle musings here, but isn’t it healthy not just to consider the worst or least-worst, but also possible best case scenarios?


Well said! Go progressive political spectrum! Trying to ram freedom-seekers into one size is like trying to make all kids pass the same standardized test in order to say they’re smart.


I concur with your analysis. I believe that it will be up to us, his supporters, to demand that he run as an independent. He’s been calling for a movement because he needs a movement to create the right conditions for him to keep going. How could he not go independent when millions of us are demanding that he should?

And here’s a thought. What if the GOP is successful in defeating Trump and he takes his campaign independent as well. Now that would be a horse race!


Amen!-- and thank you for that comment!


Except for the unnecessary insults I agree with you on Hedges.


Dear Ms. Rose:

Is it impossible for you to disagree with someone in a civil way?



LOL, thsanyal Ms. Rose is an entity all to herself. Suggest ignoring
is the best policy.

However, while the arguments go on here on this thread look what
Bernie has done. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to actually observe the
MSM or read a bit on other progressive sites.


I got an e-mail this morning from yourpeacteam.net (close enough at any rate) calling for a democrat unity ticket of Hillary/Bernie (Bernie as VP) recognizing that Hillary needs Bernie to win.

That is not revolutionary, it is typical democrat sell out. This movement is far more important that.