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Wingnut Week In Review: Selective Outrage


Wingnut Week In Review: Selective Outrage

Terrance Heath

Three shootings made national news this week. Most Americans were outraged by all three. However, conservatives were outraged by one, and silent about the other two.


Politician [noun] def: see Barack Obama


Interesting as well is the position of the NRA.

After the shooting of the Police they issued an immediate release indicating they abhored by the violence and stood beside their law enfocement agencies.

They have still not made a statement regarding the murder Philando Castile who was murdered for having a broken tail light on his car while he carried a gun which was apprently perfectly legal.

They go out of their way to claim that "the right to be armed" is a Constituional right and designed by the founders to ensure the country would never devolve into a Police State.

So which is it ? Where do the single largest lobby group for an armed populace really stand? Would they and the Fox news personalities have supported a few Cops being killed by the Cliven Bundy crowd?


Dear Mr. Heath, I apologize for the savagery shown by Caucasian FOOLS in those tweets. Truly, so many people have become Balkanized by Media lies, Internet sites that cater to (and reinforce) specific prejudicial viewpoints, Fox "news," and right wing "it's holy to kill Muslims" style rhetoric.

Maybe Mother Nature must do a full housecleaning. If consciousness is this low in that many persons, it may be time for Her to hit the evolutionary Re-set key.


I can explain, in two words, why you should serve on a jury if given a chance: JURY NULLIFICATION.