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Winners and Losers From Trump Throwing Syrian Kurds Under the Bus

So you advocate permanent occupation of Syria and Afghanistan?

Did you know there are now American troops in Afghanistan who weren’t born when we first invaded?

I detest Trump but support this pull out.

The claim of “full assimilation” of Kurds inside Turkey is just not accurate; it is similar to claiming black slaves in America were “assimilated” into white southern culture; akin to a “houseboy”, totally subservient to the plantation and master.

Perhaps the term genocide is partially/somewhat premature as related to the planned invasion of Syrian territory, The reality of oppression and “cultural genocide” of Kurdish identity inside Turkey is not.

Kurdish culture, dress, language and names are prohibited, any mention of “Kurdistan” or “Kurd”, and other proscriptions against anything of “Kurdish” identity by Turkey is a reality - Kurds termed “Mountain Turks”. Political parties and any form of self-rule or representation banned. That denial of Kurdish identity is very strong in Erdogan’s racist agenda.

“The European Court of Human Rights and many other international human rights organizations have condemned Turkey for the thousands of human rights abuses. Many judgments are related to systematic executions of Kurdish civilians, torturing, forced displacements, destroyed villages,arbitrary arrests, murdered and disappeared Kurdish journalists, activists and politicians.”
That is the reality of Erdogan’s malignant mindset toward all things “Kurdish”, not “assimilation”, but forced compliance.

The ethnic cleansing of Kurds from inside Turkey’s so-called 20 mile wide “safe zone” would be a war crime and will create another border and more war when Syria demands its territory back, or confronts Turkish forces to defend its territory.

The transfer of Syrian refugees of other ethnic/religious groups, now in Turkey into that “safe zone” is likely also illegal under International Humanitarian Law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions - somewhat similar to Israel moving “settlers” into the Occupied West Bank of Palestine and Syrian Golan.

Bottom line is, Turkey and Erdogan are invading another country to take territory, forcefully expel the inhabitants, and the idiot trump has given the green light for that, none of which is in America’s, Syria’s, Kurdish, or even Turkey’s best interests. The only prospect from this stupidity is more war, not less.

You should know me better by now, Skeptic. I am in no way “signaling any support for an endless US role as cop” in Syria or anywhere else in the region. The issue here, as I see it, is solely not allowing more war by Erdogan, and throwing an entire people by our (trump’s) actions to Erdogan’s Turkish way of “assimilation”!

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Sadly for the Syrian Kurds, their choices are to re-integrate into Syria or flee to Iraq.

The US will not protect them. Just use them and discard them.

I don’t approve of US treatment of the Kurds although we kinda granted them a carve out in northern Iraq.
I don’t approve of Erdogan, but he faces unrest at home partly due to massive numbers of refugees.
I have stated that the SDF should take up syria’s offer of joining the regular Syrian army.
I’m not a fan of Assad but he has traditionally protected Syrian ethic/religious pluralism, Kurds included.
Putin is only going to give Erdogan a certain amount of leash.
I would love to see a Kurdish homeland but it’s not gonna happen.
If the Kurds trust the US in the future, they’re fools.

And though I know you and I are in general agreement most often, in my view you are indeed signaling support for an endless US role as MidEast cop. Erdogan was never going to allow the Syrian Kurds to regroup along the Turkish border. As such, we’d be there on a forever basis protecting the Kurds. And now it’s Trump who is grabbing the anti-regime change and endless war high ground from the Dems, just like in 2016. Meanwhile, the Democrats say they want troops out of the MidEast…someday.

Juan, a pretty good analysis though I doubt Assad is a “winner” in this mess as his country is being invaded by a hostile foreign power and he has little redress.
I think the US should get its troops out but Turkey should be sanctioned for its invasion by as much of the world as possible.

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it is midnight going into thursday.
Russia wins because NATO is falling apart.
The Syrian refugees in Lebanon disrupted the nations economy. Turkey is in recession, but I cannot place blame on the Bagdad, Iraq, sunni refugees because Europe and USA pay for their upkeep in Turkey. Erdogan blackmails europe for 6.6 billion each year - or he will send them all to europe as he did two years ago. Of course, he sent the young men out who were disruptive, as young men can be. Then, he allowed them safe passage into Syria to join ISIS as fighters.

recipe for Thursday is find erdogan and do not let the fighter jet be twenty minutes late, this time!!