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Winter Is Coming

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/06/winter-coming

The Armed Forces of the United States of Corporations is not bound by the Geneva Convention, don’t you know…


Nothing progressive is possible in our country unless militarism and empire are addressed first. And all the bloviating about the Syrian “withdrawal” by the Deep State* and their minions in Congress and the corporate media shows that they are more committed to militarism and empire than the fate of the majority of the US population, let alone the world.

*(Or, “Federal Bureaucracy” as real whistle blower John Kiriakou calls it.)


Alas! We are still playing the, “Game of Thrones”…or “King of the HILL!!”

I like the title of this piece: “Winter is Coming.”

Maybe----this will finally be ," The winter of our discontent, " and people will finally demand a democratic republic.