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Winter Sports Instead of Nuclear War


Winter Sports Instead of Nuclear War

Eric Margolis

Considering that a nuclear conflict over North Korea appeared imminent in recent weeks, the Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang, South Korea, is a most welcome distraction—and might even deter a major war on the peninsula.

So too the planned joint marches by North and South Korean athletes under a new reunification flag. For all Koreans, this was a deeply emotional and inspiring ceremony.


“Many on South Korea’s hard right are evangelical Christians. It’s no coincidence that Mike Pence, an ardent fundamentalist protestant, was sent to show the flag and rally opposition to any détente with North Korea.” (Eric Margolis)

Democracy - where, pray tell ?

One is stupifed for words watching the madhouse one is born into.


I do think we need the arts more than ever. Even on teevee/internet there are some pretty good wrastlers with the pornographic model politics and the the utter distortions of the far right “christians”. The latter exhibit the slick surface in passive aggression facades while they position themselves to force - YES FORCE - the breaking of the 10 commandments to be committed by entire armies - nothing wrong with that is there???

Pence seems to have no idea of how blatantly obvious he and his wife posing as noble and intended as bludgeon. Closest parallel? How about the president of North Korea? So far the administration has used them in this way - apparently regarding spoken word being far too risky.

There seems to be some sort of notion that if the administration can deny being engaged in outright corruption, murder, war and mayhem, then all else is without consequence. They might want to look at the ground under their feet. They are fast losing anything to stand on.

Oops… worth an “entertaining” review from November 2017


Washington does not want a lessening of tensions between the two Koreas. And much less, talk of potential reunification. If the two Koreas came to peace, what justification would the U.S. have for keeping powerful air, land, and naval forces in strategic South Korea, often called “America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier.”

Spot on Eric!


Just asking: Why are the biggest cowards, like Trump, the worst war mongers as long as someone else does their fighting and IS getting killed for them?

Can you just imagine the attitude these war mongers and other cheerleaders for wars like Lindsey Graham, would have if someone would say: " OKAY FELLAS, SINCE YOU ARE SUCH CHEERLEADERS FOR THESE WARS WE ARE GOING TO HAVE YOU GUYS LEAD THE NEXT CHARGE."


Just as a point of reference.

US Military spending will increase by around 94 BILLION dollars a year this year. This 94 billion increase is more then The TOTAL military spending of any other single country outside of China. It in fact 30 percent larger then the TOTAL Military spending of Russia yet the media is filled with reports of “A resurgent Russia” preparing to invade Eastern Europe.

This increase in military spending in the USA occurs hand in hand with the Western media reports of dangerous countries like Iran, North Korea , Syria, Yemen and the like and the need to counter them with an ever stronger military.

It a swindle and the largest swindle and con game ever worked on a people in history even as the people stand up en masse on COMMAND to honor the troops at other sporting events such as the Super Bowl. Militarism infects and corrupts EVERYTHING.

I am always struck by how the Right Wing media speaks of pension plans and health care spending as “unfunded liabilities” with some of those same voices here on Common Dreams repeating that nonsense as they pretend concern for the Debt and deficit , yet those same voices will never speak to this obscenity called Miltary spending. The true cost to the taxpayer in the USA of its bloated Military is well over 1 trillion per year , yet there few voices that speak up againt it in EITHER of the political parties.

The population has been so brainwashed with this "Support the troops " fascism , that even Politicians who speak to the need to support pensions, universal healthcare and the like , are reluctant to call for a cut to that Military spending out of fear of being declared “Un-american”


Winter Sports instead of Nuclear Winter.


Bring all this up when those groveling politicians come to town lying and begging for money to keep their “welfare” checks coming until they decide to sell out to the highest corporate/lobbies bidder. Show them the respect they deserve by running them out of town.


Seesawing between peace offerings and war mongering has been going on between the US and North Korea for at least thirty years. I searched once all of the articles over the years and the script was strangely the same–different from the Middle East, where this type of threat actually is the prelude to war.
I’m hoping that is all to it, a dance, ugly as it still is. Active war with the Koreas might very likely be the big one, Korea being where it is. We have a TV entertainer heading Washington, tempered by a very stable China leader and a strong man in Russia.