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Winter Storm Jayden, the Polar Vortex, and Climate Change: 3 Factors That Matter

Winter Storm Jayden, the Polar Vortex, and Climate Change: 3 Factors That Matter

Brenda Ekwurzel

Climate change can also bring extreme cold. Here are three things we think people need to know about Winter Storm Jayden, the latest polar vortex to engulf the country, and climate change

A relatively simple, straightforward manner in which to address why cold weather phenomena can be attributed to aggregate global warming is as follows. Global warming increases the amount of energy retained by the planet. This energy is available to disrupt the semi-stable regions that establish themselves within the atmosphere. The polar air mass over the arctic is usually semi-stably separated from that of the mid latitudes. Increasing energy in the atmosphere due to global warming can provide the impetus to interrupt the boundary between the air masses beyond what occurred in preindustrial, but relatively recent history. The best argument to make to climate skeptics is to convince them of the profit motives of the fossil fuel industries to lie, lie, lie. We live in a world in which belief systems often overpower rational thought. It is a truly slow slog to pull the wagon of rationality through the bog of belief, however it is necessary if we are to have anything approaching democracy while mitigating further climate chaos.


Because of the deniers, this is exactly why I believe it should be called Climate Change instead of Global Warming. Trump’s stupid tweets on the subject are a prime example.

No, that’s a term used by the anti-science crowd that has permeated discussion by lessening the impact the term Global Warming was having on people’s emotional state; which was getting nervous according to the studies these fossil fuel people commissioned. I absolutely hate that word in this context.

Change? As in your car tire? A baby’s diaper? Your underwear? I think not.

A much more accurate description would read: climate collapse or climate disruption or climate disaster or climate catastrophe. Let’s call it what it is, an unmitigated freaking disaster of global proportions which definitely is not related to changing your underwear…



you got it, call it what it is . .the Freekn End.

Thank you, Brenda. I will send this to my old students.

Belief is everything …

We know without doubt that cold air is heavier than warm air. For the warm air , a very large mass, to move the frigid north southward is a testament to the amount of warm air in the earth’s atmosphere. The cold was also experienced in India, the other side of the planet.

No, change as in it’s not the same. Where I live, right now that would be accurate. It hasn’t gotten much warmer, but the weather is definitely changing, spring and fall are off, and winters are colder. I agree with you’re last paragraph, like I said above the term Global Warming allows the deniers to deny when we have weather like this week.

but maybe trumps? (Smile and wink which won’t print.)