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Wisconsin Becomes 25th State with Anti-Worker Law on Books


Wisconsin Becomes 25th State with Anti-Worker Law on Books

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the state's latest anti-worker salvo into law Monday, affixing his signature on legislation that makes it a misdemeanor to require workers to pay union dues.


Orwell strikes again!


All the reactionary forces are in full assault. We need to get busy and here are links to inspire: www.democracynow.org/2015/3/9/civil_rights_pioneer_diane_nash_i


Well, yes, this is what WI votes for. We went from right winger Tommy Thompson to his pal, Scott McCallum, to conserva-Dem Jim Doyle, back to the hard right with Scott Walker. This is only one more step. Walker knows that no one is going to actually fight back. On the contrary, unless he runs off to DC to join the next administration, WI will re-elect him.


Worse yet, all media either thinks we’re all middle classers, or just considers the rest of us unworthy of mention. The middle class has been shrinking for years. Even with the recent downward revision of what constitutes “middle class” today, they’re being phased out. The more they’re being phased out, the more media promotes middle class elitism.


When the inevitable negative consequences of this happens to labor, Walker will no longer be gov and won’t have to answer for it. That’s a problem imo. I’m also sure, that when the negative consequences happen, the republicans will put a spin on it in order to not take any deserved blame. Arrogant cowards they are to not admit to the problems they cause.


Indiana is in the process of trying to eliminate a Law that has been on the books since the 1930’s. This law mandates that wages for Construction Project paid for by the state have to pay decent wages ect. It sounds like an ALEC agenda.


The problem doesn’t start with Walker. If you want to destroy the anti-labor movement you have to start at the top. The Koch brothers.