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Wisconsin Berns: 'We’re Going to Shock Them All and Win This Nomination'


Wisconsin Berns: 'We’re Going to Shock Them All and Win This Nomination'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Less than an hour after polls closed in Wisconsin on Tuesday night, major news outlets called the night a victory for Bernie Sanders – the latest in a string of recent wins.


A feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks Wisconsin!


Amazing speech. Historic. Thank you Wisconsin and Common Dreams!


All righty folks, …time to ante up for Wyoming, New York and Connecticut! Who’s got $27 for each campaign?


Whoohooo 13 pt margin and gaining! Congrats phone bankers, and everyone else, and screw you Nate Silver. Your propaganda had Shillary at 85?% chance of winning 1 week ago…


She was a high-school Young Republican and “Goldwater Girl” in 1964 until she became a Democrat.


Kinda flies in the face of the governor and his agenda. I truly Love this. Thanks everyone.


We could amend that a little for accuracy, “…until she became a ‘Corporate Democrat’.”


This is exciting as the Badger State goes for Bernie!
Thanks, Wisconsin!
You know a strong candidate for President when you see one!


Six of the past seven primaries felt the Bern !


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I loved that he mentioned the Panama Papers revelations in his victory speech. (I loved that he made a victory speech.)

I was hoping he would also call out the increasingly aggressive voter suppression that’s so prevalent these days, but I guess there’s only so much “room on the plate.”



Yes, I loved that he mentioned Panama Papers too!
How about the intro. from Jim Hightower? Many millennials had not heard of J.H. prior to tonight----they were thrilled to discover him.


I kind of blurted “Hey, that’s Jim Hightower!” when I saw the hat, and my daughter and her boyfriend said, “Who’s that?” It was actually a fun bonding moment, filling them in.


Cnn announced the shillary camp said they will now turn efforts toward defeating bernie, and deal with uniting the party later. Just 2 weeks? ago, the msm announced she was ‘pivoting to Nov’, guess now she’s pivoting back…


Good. The delegate gap has been narrowed by 14. Clinton is still ahead by 219. (I think)

It’s going to be close.


Probably one of the most important data points, I believe is exit polling that asks ‘who did you vote for?’ - does anyone have a link for this data for each state? I’ve checked cnn and abc, no way to interpret this basic info from their polls.


This is the phrase that stood out that was sickening; the Clinton campaign is “running out of patience” with Bernie. Once again, a completely inappropriate, weirdly authoritarian thing to say! It’s not OK to have an opponent in the primary?

"Jeff Zeleny with Clinton campaign said Hillarys new strategy is “Disqualify Him”

He stated after the Wisconsin win, The Clinton campaign is running out of patience with him and The campaign will be implementing a new strategy called ‘Disqualify Him’ , 'Defeat Him" and they can unify the party later.

Jeff claimed for the last several months the Clinton campaign has been first ignoring Bernie Sanders then dismissing him. Now they are going to headlong into him, (he’s told) beginning here in the NY primary in two weeks on his gun record and other things. Party unity aside for now.

The Clinton campaign is running out of patience, they want to stop Bernie Sanders and move on to the fall campaign."


Then they said the Clinton campaign would now go after Bernie (“hard”) for his record on gun control.
This in conjunction with the front page New York Daily news article----is this coincidence?

Jeff Weaver’s response to this on CNN was excellent, as always.


Before this recent string of victories it was 300+.