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Wisconsin Case Offers Rare Glimpse into Inner Workings of Our Broken Democracy


Wisconsin Case Offers Rare Glimpse into Inner Workings of Our Broken Democracy

Brendan Fischer

We now have a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a broken campaign finance system.

The Guardian this week published 1,500 previously unreleased emails and financial documents leaked from a now-halted investigation into alleged campaign finance violations by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his allies.


I grew up in Wisconsin and have family there. Many affected by this bought and paid for's policies.

There are a lot of very angry folks in Wisconsin and some very very foolish people as well.

Here below a link to a piece written in the early part of this year regarding his behavior since his failed (thank the Goddess) run for presidency. There are always people who can be paid to do the dirty business. This man is one of them.


The Wisconsin economy has been sub par compared to similar states since Walker became governor, so the experiment extends beyond labor.


No wonder Walker dropped out of the presidential race so early. He had to have known that his actions in Wisconsin would come under harsh scrutiny.


At every turn, our system is broken for the people and working perfectly for TPTB. Simply despicable.


The sad thing is that Hillary does the same or worse than Walker and we have the emails to prove it. Another thing the two of them have in common is that nobody seems to have the power to hold them accountable.


It amazes me that the press has made such a big stink out of the potential for "pay to play" corruption with the Clinton Foundation when Scott Walker's behavior has been the epitome of corruption for years now. Why isn't the press screaming about all the lobbyists hired by corporations that donate large sums of money to elections because they want access and influence of/to every one of these elected officials who fill their coffers with corporate spoils from mayors to county supervisors to state and federal congressman and senators. I, for one want it to stop. Any government can become a threat to our freedoms through totalitarian actions. Any corporation can be a threat to our financial well being by fraud and extreme over charge for goods and services. But THE REAL DANGER IS A corporatized government where the interests of huge corporations are catered to by a government that writes laws that
corporations push for at the expense of the health of you, me and our planetary ecosystem. A corporatized totalitarian government on all levels. This folks is what we are now experiencing and it will just get worse more restrictive, more corrupt, more limiting to our freedom and
economic stability. Until, we join together in spite of our differences and fight the corruption and injustice that is destroying our democracy.


It is very kind and compassionate for Fischer to say that the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision was "naive." These judges are anything but naive, Brendan. They are deliberate, they are focused, and they are politically motivated. Probably a decent investigation would show that Scalia et al. received some kind of under the table kickback for their unusually cooperative decision. Naive? Nope. Corrupt? Probably.


Our Broken Democracy! Scrap it already, move forward! Greek Democracy Good, Condi Rice Democracy, Deadly!


I could not watch this story on DN-----the way this is addressed by the media creates a mind set-all these politicians are doing this-it is one giant criminal enterprise-----Hillary Clinton was working hard this past summer--working hard going to fund raisers. Politicians have always been on the take-but they also cared about average people.-----Just look at how Obama is pushing TPP-not a trade deal,but the blueprint for corporate control beyond the power of the state. The elite are turning this country into a third world country as they hide in their gated communities.


Here in Michigan, we have Scott Walker's cousin, Rick Snyder,. Many things occurring in one State with laws such as Right-to-Work are duplicated in the other. I so hoped that Wisconsin could have succeeded in recalling Walker. I can't understand how the majority working class couldn't get rid of this guy when they had the chance. He's not good for income security or improvement.


Thank goodness for the leaks and a newspaper like the Guardian. There are real criminals running the government in Wisconsin and they have hijacked the judiciary to protect their crimes. The irony is that many people who see themselves as good, upright, god-fearing etc unwittingly support and are manipulated by these criminals thanks to side-show issues like abortion.


I just saw the article in the Guardian that I think you're referring to. Interesting how a few wealthy people can contribute to Walker's fight against the recall effort and manage to buy enough influence to keep this creature in office. It's too bad that there is so much apathy coming from working people that they just don't care one way or another who rules their lives and either don't know, or don't understand the importance of becoming knowledgeable about the issues or the candidates before election day and voting their pocketbook.

The article I was reading that had a link to the Guardian article is from this link:



And one more story about shenanigans from Walker here: