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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Compares Labor Unions to ISIS


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Compares Labor Unions to ISIS

Speaking to the audience at the annual rightwing convergence known as CPAC on Thursday, Republican Governor Scott Walker indicated that his ongoing attack on the rights of workers in his home state of Wisconsin is preparing him for a possible future fight with foreign militants such as those aligned with the Islamic State fighters now operating in Iraq and Syria.


“Terrorist” is the new “anti-Semite.”



Not someone but many, many USofAins. Such ignorance in a culture, built upon an effete ruling class’ media fairy tales, lies, and garbage that it feeds it, that has long since been lost as a healthy social aggregate of its members and has descended into a state of slough, egocentricity, and a driving envy of the corrupt, wealthy, self-indulgent few who control it and feed upon it. The US has become Dante’s Inferno.

“Abandon all hope, you who enter here.” read the admonition over the gates of hell.


And this bedwetter believes he’s qualified to be pResident?


Yes Scott Walker’s comparisons to ISUS are disgusting but even more disgusting is that he is a twice elected Governor of Wisconsin. He is a faithful representative of the people of Wisconsin. He represents all the ugly, mean spirited and self righteous people, the useful idiots who in overwhelming numbers voted for him. I have no hope for this country. It will soon descend into facism. It’s what the people, the very ugly people of America want. It is the natural state of things. Our democracy is a failed experiment.



Scott Walker isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. He reminds me about a sign on the back of a car. It said “I like things hard”…apparently from the Koch Bros.


Walker is a Koch Klone who lied and appeared moderate until he was elected when he began to destroy anything of value to the people who live in urban Wisconsin. He fired union workers and replaced them with off-the-street cheap workers. He defunded public education and the great universities. His first act was to allow the Kochs to return to polluting a river. Given the electoral college, vote fixing and gerrymandering Walker could be the next President. He is a photogenic brownshirt.


Sounds like you are trying to defend Walker - like you actually like him and would vote for him. If that is not the case, then you should clarify.

Keeping the focus on Walker, his being governor has been bad news for the people of Wisconsin and elevating to a higher office would be very bad news for the US and the rest of the world. He and his sugardaddies the Koch brothers are just bad news in general, regardless of what other politicians do or say…


When the Unions attacked with their heavy weapons, how did Captain America, I mean Gov. Walker defend the Capitol? Did he use his Shield?


This MENTALITY would not have traction with any voters were it not for the punitive streak of Fundamentalist Christianity crossed with Calvinism that asserts that anyone who’s not doing “well” is to blame. Instead of providing assistance, these “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” types think it’s their divine right to punish anyone who is not as financially set as they are.

Look at this imbecile’s audience? All older white folks no doubt of ($) means.

So convinced are they in their jealous preservation of their own good, that any form of government largesse will take from their personal stash, that they deny others the fundamental protections of a sane/humane society.

People don’t come by this mean spiritedness in a vacuum.

In the same way that pedophiles, together, create a consensus for their perversion, people who don’t want to care about others find common cause in religious, political, and business groups that justify the punitive treatment that now is operating on steroids.

Look at the treatment of so-called Hispanic illegals? They’re shoved into cells awaiting deportation.

Look at the treatment of the unfortunate souls caught in the U.S. military’s version of Dante’s Inferno–put into cells at Quantanomo, the entire thing, an elaborate spy thriller (false flag based) fiction.

Look at the treatment of Black young men, gunned down in broad daylight as the racist political structure that itself is veering towards an all-out paternalistic police state JUSTIFIES these acts!

The atmosphere of our nation is being polluted by and through the normalization of what is only normal for boot camp or prison camps.

… “First they came for…” style. And Scott Walker is an apology-free henchman of this new world order.

In cases like his, I’d personally advocate torture.


He’s done.


That may be true on a presidential level where both parties carry water for the 1%, but on state levels there’s still plenty of distance (or air space) between Dem and Republican governors with notable exceptions. No Dem speaks out against unions apart from that imbecile, Emmanuel in Chicago… but that’s a mayor.

While the C.D. chorus places its emphasis on all those stupid American voters who support a moral misfit like Walker, it doesn’t occur to them that this indictment reinforces both the Dominator Mindset and the creeps that it funds.

The blanket statements that stress Walker’s supporters leave out all the good, wise, and fair-minded people–many of whom are caught up in any number of protest groups–who do NOT support this walking piece of human excrement.

Therefore, in precisely the same way that the mass media eclipses (or plays down) dissent for all the policies being passed off as good for the nation (or allegedly holding voters’ support), these opinion shapers also eclipse the millions who are not onboard with right wing policies. They make dissent invisible as if it does not even exist.


Tammons: Do you realize that Republicans gerrymander voting districts and use all kinds of hefty financial backing to run ads against their opponents that are often completely deceptive?

In the most recent election, about 40% of voters turned out and that means the Repugs in Congress at best represent 25% of eligible voters.

Many people are disillusioned with the system. They know it only serves Big Money.

They see the militarization of domestic police departments.

They see that in state after state, the same battles against Fracking/oil pipelines need to be fought.

They see the way Monsanto clouds the legal and scientific arguments to push its toxic products onto the rest of us.

They saw the banks get bailed out with homeowners left to go homeless.

They know that Big Money funds the candidates who, like Obama, will charm and lie to get into office and once there, completely betray their constituents.

They are also being pumped up with bad food, getting fatter, paid less as costs of living rise, and in most families, loved ones either are out of work, fighting a dread disease, or entrapped by the criminal in-justice system.

And the Democracy you claim that has failed is also on the rocks in many other nations… or have you lost sight of the fact that treaties like the TPP hold citizens of multiple lands hostage? Or that relatively few individuals call the shots of nations.

The “very ugly people of America” is one of those blanket statements that I detest and will continue to oppose. It leaves out all the people that do kind, generous, and decent things every day. It leaves out those fighting every wrong and there are many.

Knowingly or otherwise, it identifies with the BOOT crashing down… because it views those under the boot as the CAUSE for their own oppression as if power has ever been equitably shared on this planet. THAT struggle is as old as patriarchy. It didn’t start with this generation or nation.


Just another GOP sociopathic candidate for “president.”


I often find myself harboring similar sentiments as those expressed by Tammons. It’s a reaction to hearing people spouting the most ignorant and uninformed opinions, repeatedly and over a span of years. Not some ignorant cartoon hillbilly out in the back of beyond somewhere, just regular people. People with access to the same sources of information that I have, but who seem caught up in the great Fox News web of deceit. I’ve encountered it in four different states over the last several years. It does tend to cultivate a certain lack of respect for your fellow citizens (to state it mildly.) But I sometimes wonder if this is not part of the overall plan? To eradicate, as much as possible, every last shred of faith in your fellow man and woman, to keep us weak, divided and in a state of ineffectual despair? Is that idea step over the line into conspiracy theory for some of you? It seems quite plausible to be.

Just a thought that has occured to me from time-to-time.


The most egregious thing to me, is Governor Walker is a known fawning parasite of the Koch Roach Brothers and yet the majority of the voters in Wis …con…sin elected him!


You are absolutely correct – he did appear moderate. What he campaigned on, and what he DID are two polar opposites. Now that he’s going after the police and fire unions though, his luck may change. They were first exempt from his destruction of public workers unions and they supported him in his initial election for governor. However, after he started dismantling the other public worker unions, many of them showed solidarity with them. Many of the Green Bay Packers also made the trip to Madison to stand in solidarity with their union brothers and sisters.


I’ve noticed (likely you have too) that most people, regardless of affiliation, are outright dismissive of the false flag etymology. They think it beyond the pale that the mentality represented by Scotty could even contemplate such a thing.


They not only voted for him initially, they had a chance to get rid of him and kept him.


Walker epitomizes the loss of democratic ideals like citizen influence for better policies affecting the general public. He is the poster boy for a growing number of hypocrites flooding into offices of political power throughout the country. They are absent moral character and honor.

They mock us with their US flag lapel pins as they destroy the republic and send troops into war for the empire. Their chicken hawk bloviating defines their cowardly character.

In a world of perpetual change it is the old timers of the American political establishment that hang on like a hemorrhoid to the tired policies citizens shed long ago. They are the plantation minded, throwback slave owners who send out their para-military forces to brutalize the population and discard the laws prohibiting such conduct. Fuck 'em. We owe them nothing.