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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Tripped Up by Truth


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Tripped Up by Truth

MADISON, Wisconsin – This week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker got tripped up by the truth.

First Walker announced he was going to slash $300 million from the University of Wisconsin budget, devastating cuts that will fall hardest on students; then he said he wanted to make the university system operate more like a port authority than a public university. But what really got people riled were his edits to the university's mission statement.


This guy needs to be put out of OUR misery; and no, I don’t mean literally, I just think he needs to be put in a nice, soft rubber room where he can’t act on his hairbrained ideas!


Excellent work! One never knows just when something like this will snowball into something larger. Keep it up!


HARE-brained, as in “stupid rabbit” :]


And yet this damaging fool was elected twice by the people of Wisconsin
as well as surviving a recall. As long as most people are vulnerable to
propaganda, there is no solution to the national problem of people actually
voting in their enemies.


WI used to be the state with all the great politicians. How did it do such a quick downfall?


But did Wisconsin voters really vote this clown in? Or all the other clowns supposedly voted in across the country last election cycle? It is a fact that computer vote counting systems are easily tampered with. At the end of the day, it is those people in power who are there to count the votes or tamper with the machines that really determine the results of elections.


:grinning: Hey now, don’t insult bunnies that way! Actually though, stupid rabbit is a great play on words.


ok a bit heavy perhaps?


Jeb Bush made sure his big bro got to be president and now all the ‘criminal elements’ across this country know how to get their man into office whether the voters want them or not!


Walker like most republicans are just following Corporate and republicans
They wish to be the only word which controls our government , rights
freedom and democracy.
Just look at the voters which have been purged from the voter rolls…
And the corrupted electronic voting machines.
The government is not even allowed to look at the code which controls
the results from the machine of the voters.


The way voters are restricted from voting and republican personal
can find votes in their desk to push Walker from losing an election
into winning one , You have to wonder if these people are really
being elected,


My can of Raid stands ready to do a little ‘exterminating’! :wink:


And remember good citizens of Wisconsin, a sleep walking ideologue who is this uncompromising and overly zealous, totally lacking in awareness and has little empathy for the common populace, is posturing himself to run for president! Hopefully we shall overcome. Friedrich Nietzsche, cultural critic and philosopher once said, “All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”


I know this is not on subject but I wonder how many" not so innocuous drafting errors.” will be included in the secret TPP that we wont be able to read till it is passed (or perhaps not even then )


The citizens of Wisconsin voted this jerk into office and it will be the citizens who ultimately cast him out. Until then, they have to fight to defeat his ideas or learn to live with them.


Dandelions are eminently edible–so stop badmouthing them.


In its day the law code of Hammurabi was considered a great advance in fairness because it was published–so everyone could read it and know what was expected of them.


Man I love the way this guy goes at unions ! Those mandatory dues are better off in employees pockets than Democrat coffers. When Walker is President I hope he does the same thing on the federal level, and then while we are on the subject of higher education, for the love of humanity please do away with tenure at universities !


Yeah, The Oval Office could be lined with soft rubber, why not?