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Wisconsin Highlights Three Troubling Trends in Our Democracy


Wisconsin Highlights Three Troubling Trends in Our Democracy

Rebecca Autrey

Smack-dab in the middle of the Wisconsin flag is the word “Forward.” It’s the state motto, and has been used to brand everything from the University of Wisconsin system to standardized tests for elementary school students to a local technology festival designed to showcase the best and brightest in the fie


A slow pitch right down the middle of the plate that the citizens of Wisconsin could not hit–the recall of Scott Walker. WAKE up Wisconsin!


I hope the smaller than usual crowds attending Bernie’s recent appearances in Madison and Milwaulkee are not harbingers of a poor turnout today. 4,000 in a venue holding 17,000, not good. Even with Tim Robbins in tow, the turnout in Green Bay was not good either.


This is the first I’d heard of the lower than usual turn out ----damn.

Another anxiety ridden day. Wisconsin has such a dark force running through it (via Kochs, Walker, ALEC etc. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Wisconsin_ALEC_Politicians http://realkochfacts.com/the-koch-brothers-and-americans-for-prosperity-in-wisconsin/)
Given these sordid infiltrations from the dark side, I haven’t a clue how this will go.

In the longer run, what will you do if HRC gets nomination?


I don’t know what I’ll do if Hillary gets the nomination. She will never get my vote. I know Bernie won’t bolt to form a third party, but that is what I wish he would do.


I’m with you H.S. Wrote more about this on the recent post about HRC’s “progressive” platform wobbling. If you can, would love to get your thoughts on the article I posted-----this is a tough issue for many, I believe.
Thanks for your response.


How many more violations of the US Constitution and human rights does the US government have to commit before starry-eyed journalists stop referring to the US as a democracy?


You can see how easily a comment seemingly innocent can influence others. What is the point of this comment? To share the poster’s personal worry like they were talking at the dinner table with family instead of commenting in a public forum? What good is that comment except to spread the seemingly negative news?

The comment came from NPR and moreover their estimate was higher than 4,000 (5 to 6 thousand) and it was a guesstimate by their reporter (our pro Hillary NPR). The situation was that the Bernie campaign had booked a much larger venue than was needed (ahead of time). The NPR reporter ended the report by stating that five thousand for a Bernie rally seems small while the 2,500 that came out for the Hillary rally seemed large for her because they had booked a small venue.

Think about that sleight of hand revealed in that subtle but obvious wording. The beginning of the report states that 5,000 at the rally for Bernie appeared smaller than usual to the reporter maybe the campaign had booked a venue bigger than what was needed.

At the end of the report the reporter states that Hillary only got 2,500 and that they had booked a much smaller venue.

Who got the bigger crowd? The report stated how it ‘looked’?

I don’t even see why that tacky tidbit of tawdry terse mess was mentioned either on NPR and now appears on CD’s forum except to dampen enthusiasm.


The comment did not come from NPR it came from a Fox Station in Milwaukee:

"MILWAUKEE – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a rally at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee on Monday evening, April 4th – the eve of the presidential primary election in Wisconsin. On Monday morning, the event was moved to the Wisconsin Center after it was originally scheduled to take place at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

That move came after Sanders on Sunday, April 3rd drew a little more than 4,000 to the Kohl Center in Madison – an arena that holds 17,000."

How dare you, I am reporting a fact. You are little too involved with your take on things. At this stage of the game, my comment on CD is very unlikely to affect the election today in Wisconsin.

I am not about to look to you for advice on what is or is not an appropriate posting.


How dare I what? You posted something and I criticized it. Stop the drama! How dare I? lol. The report (which may have been picked up by fox?) was by a NPR reporter who quoted higher figures and was as I related it. Their opinion about the venues. By the way what is the point of relating the negative? Please explain the value of it and for that matter that you omitted the much smaller turnout for Hillary?

Dare I dare dare, dare I? I dood I dood! Lol


How dare you yes, Fox picked it up from NPR, how do you know that. Fox has a station in Milwaukee, I don’t think they depend on NPR. Now simply go away.


That’s nice (and overly dramatic) but I wasn’t talking to you was I? You don’t take criticism well I see.


You are one of the most arrogant posters on these pages.


Okay this is too much! At least I am an adult and I was posting to someone else and if you post something negative you should expect to get criticism. Seriously too much drama! Wow someone criticized you!


You are too much.


Wisconsin… the Florida of 2016?


Thanks for the cheap shot and low blow. I did not make anything personal btw, I criticized the need to share the negativity. What was the need to spread the bad news which wasn’t even news but manipulation by the media anyway. You posted a reporter’s opinion of how it looked as if it were fact and elaborated in such a way that it enhanced the negativity. Smaller than usual crowds? Says who? It is Wisconsin not NYC. Hillary got half as many.

In any case your comment about me is unfair as I have worked hard to be honest and to expand the discussions from the beginning and yet I have been attacked mainly for not agreeing with people or criticizing something they’ve said. I guess progressives don’t like criticism? So you got criticized for spreading the negative manipulation from the media. What a crime.

Does that sentence even make sense really?

I’ll try to be more humble and know my place and I will try not to be educated and know the news independently of the media and I will try to remember that who am I to hold my standards higher than the dumbed down training that we are all fed so regularly and lastly to stop thinking for myself and to just follow the herd …and never oppose the direction it is taking.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Wisconsin not long ago was considered to have the cleanest politics in the country. Today - we’re among the most corrupt. When state Republicans took hold of the redistricting process they turned us into a swamp of political depravity. Conservative Federal Judges appointed by the G.W. Bush administration told Wisconsin Republicans it is apparent the redistricting had no benefit to the democracy of Wisconsin citizens. However the judge also failed the people of Wisconsin by not overturning the vile espionage.
Wisconsin is a rigged state - American Legislative Exchange Council similar, to what is happening in several other states within our country. Our state Supreme Court has become an abomination, a blistering scab of ill repute . Once revered, now a patently corrupt institution the result of Citizens United subversion, whose recent ultra right wing escapades give the country real proof; the Wisconsin court has disengaged from thoughtful pragmatic jurisprudence; by design.
Our congressman Glen Grothman only yesterday ‘freely admitted to a reporter’ the effects from the recently instituted voter ID law will assure a Republican win to the GOP Presidential nominee in November. It has become evident within Republican ranks, they need not fear the protocol of blanket corruption used against our representative government remain hidden from the citizenry any longer. Nothing to fear when your partisan legislative perversions have become the new normal of the party and you’ve soundly mastered the art of ‘dumbing down enough of the electorate - via media assets’, who’ve become too addled not to vote for you.
To Republicans I ask: If your political party offers a plank the majority of citizens find intrinsic to a just, ethical society, wouldn’t it be advantageous to have as much voter participation to push those virtues as possible? A person raised to have a functioning moral compass, an education background where critical thinking was considered elemental and a firm belief in our form of democratic government would intuitively agree.
The GOP believes in none of it. Integrity is anathema, a form of Republican kriptonite. Patriotism has devolved to what can be gained by using the word in self aggrandizing propaganda. It isn’t enough they have shredded this once great, proud state to what it more closely resembles - a banana Republic. To shore up the power structure; computer hackers are employed to flip votes during elections, enough to keep Scott Walker at the helm by margins not to invite a recount, and get a craven homophobic (Rebecca Bradley) elected to our Supreme Court. Richard Charnin, long time respected election statistician who holds impeccable credentials, proved Walker lost the recall and the latest gubernatorial contest from employing this tactic.
Wisconsin was considered a pioneer of the progressive movement which brought about fundamental improvements to the lives of ordinary working folks. Wisconsin citizens died for the right to secure union protection from greed driven capitalists. We invented the presidential primary to allow the citizenry a closer look at candidates. It was Wisconsin progressives who determined: citizens should have the right to vote for their senators and representatives to Washington and designed and implemented a progressive tax. It was this type of Wisconsin progressive activism which brought about the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments to our constitution. Kindergarten started in the tiny community of Watertown. Instrumental social programs which were emulated in a majority of states and the federal government are products of a state which leaned toward a more humane existence for our fellow man. If you’ve ever received unemployment benefits; thank the progressives of Wisconsin. People don’t realize the work week was seven days and your boss could work you any amount of time he desired, prior to the courage of the labor movement of Wisconsin. Earth Day is a Wisconsin gift to the country.
The Wisconsin Idea is a clarion call for comprehensive all encompassing - best effort of our government, university system and industry to work cohesively for the most positive actionable result to society.
Unfortunately the Koch brothers, ALEC and Scott Walker have a problem with that.