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Wisconsin Introduces Word-for-Word ALEC Right to Work Bill


Wisconsin Introduces Word-for-Word ALEC Right to Work Bill

Brendan Fischer

Wisconsin Republicans have called a special session to take up a "right to work" measure attacking private sector unions--and the text of the bill, the Center for Media and Democracy has discovered, is taken word-for-word from American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) model legislation.

See the side-by-side of the Wisconsin legislation and the ALEC bill here.


This is what happens when voters don’t think and thinkers don’t vote.


A few things:

  1. In a society where a person needs capital for everything from securing food to a roof over his or her head, capital will have a tremendous amount of clout.

  2. When Wall Street’s financial whiz-kid hustlers dreamt up the scams that package loans and sell them as products, with BETS against these loans (into the billions) also counted as ASSETS, it allowed some of the most unscrupulous persons to amass fortunes.

  3. Money has always been a problem–in nation after nation–when it came to ballot box stuffing or using bribery to get rules and laws (favorable to the big donors) passed.

  4. When our not exactly sagacious made-for-business Supreme Court gave its imprimatur to unlimited campaign “contributions” it opened the door wider to systemic bribery now rendered legal.

  5. Given these elements, it’s very easy for sociopaths who look decent enough before a camera to 100% do their fiscal masters’ billing. They feel nothing. They have ZERO empathy for the fallout resulting from their cruel and inhumane policies; and they know that they, personally, will be granted a ladder to climb for having sold out their fellow citizenry so efficiently.

  6. The sold-out media is also part of this inverted equation because it relentlessly beats the drum sending its smiling pretty commentators into uniform Talking Point repetitions. These almost always distort or deceive so that the public, for the most part, never can take in the true picture and its long lasting ramifications.

  7. In a commercial age with mass media generating commercial ads that now take up probably 15% of TV entertainment time slots, packaging matters. And that’s what Talking Heads produce: they reinforce the package and utterly leave out the contents.

A perfect metaphor evidencing the tangible implications of this modus operandi is demonstrated in the way Monsanto (and its bio-tech partners in massive crimes against nature) refuses to label its foods. Indeed, it invests in multi-million dollar false ad campaigns (and direct campaign contributions to its cronies running for office) to lie the public into submission.

We’re not supposed to know what we are eating.

The WAR on whistle blowers and reporters/journalists who deviate from The Official Story shows that we are not supposed to know what our nation’s coup-govt. is up to.

News blackouts on Fukushima, the composite impact of all these oil train explosions added to deep sea disasters are always mentioned as separate accidental events.

We’re not supposed to know the count of the DEAD in lands that have been branded enemy states without true cause or evidence.

Police are not held to account for shooting innocent Black civilians down; CIA and military operatives are not held accountable for a kill ration that takes out 70% of innocent civilians in pursuit of alleged enemy targets.

The paradigm is INSANE!!!

It’s a free-for-all for dominators, and those who have ZERO love for humanity or Nature. They push violence in movies, TV shows, music videos, game videos, and pornography and through these channels are further conditioning the populace to see “dog eat dog” aggression AS the norm.

Fortunately, there are 2.2 million prison beds waiting. The trick is to get THEM into them and free the pot smoking non-violent offenders.



I wish that you were not correct. I am afraid that it will take a disaster to fix this; natural or man made.