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Wisconsin Nice Beats the Politics of Hate and the Scott Walker Money Machine

Wisconsin Nice Beats the Politics of Hate and the Scott Walker Money Machine

Mary Bottari

State School Superintendent Tony Evers defeated incumbent Governor Scott Walker 49.6 to 48.4 in a late night finish that kept supporters of both candidates on pins and needles. Evers won by 1.2 percentage points, which did not meet the standard for an automatic recount, and Walker was hoisted by his own petard, unable to pay for a recount himself because he changed in the law in 2017 to prevent such occurrences.

“A Public School Teacher Just Beat the Pants of Scott Walker” Ironic that a title about a teacher would incorrectly use “of” instead of “off”


Great news. This ends the reign of Scott Walker ( aka #1 Koch Suck Up ) and his Presidential asperations, too. Couldn’t happen to nicer guy.


And a teacher yet- I understand that he did a lot of damage to public schools and the teachers.

The moron should be on the street with no pension!

And Dump is doing the same and wants to do away with our social security- we cannot take this trash anymore!

Glad he lost. “Beating the pants off” doesn’t mean what I think the header writers thinks it means.

And media outlets wonder why the rest of normal humanity don’t trust them. If you can’t even tell the truth in a headline, where else can you?

If ghosts can return to their favorite places, I bet that Mr. La Follette is hanging around Wisconsin and smiling. : )


Stupid headline with incorrect spelling. geezza

it’s been tweaked a couple of times since I first posted. I suppose if I check in tomorrow the maestro that turned in this fine work might have changed it to something else again.

Headline sez: “A Public School Teacher Just Beat the Pants Off Scott Walker”

Was that before or after extinguishing the flames?

… And Bottari sez: “On the flip side, Evers ran a much more positive campaign …”

And here I thought Walker’s message of “The floggings will continue until morale improves” was a real winner. You just never know.

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Also noticed today that Rohrbacher - (R-CA) - 30 years in USHR – was defeated!!

As I recall, by a Dem involved in real estate in CA.

Watch Walker run for prez now.