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Wisconsin’s Foxconn Deal Enriches Billionaires With Taxpayer Cash


Wisconsin’s Foxconn Deal Enriches Billionaires With Taxpayer Cash

Sam Pizzigati

Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou every once in a while likes to think “outside the box.” Back in 2010, for instance, the giant electronics manufacturer that Gou runs — Foxconn — was facing what corporate flacks like to call a major “PR problem.” Working conditions inside Foxconn’s massive Chinese factories had become so incredibly stressful that workers were committing suicide in shockingly large numbers. They were leaping out factory windows to their deaths.


Gou, Walker and Trump are the Foxes

No need to name who’s being Conned


The technology that drives the products created at Foxconn were produced in Silicon Valley?
The Engineers that devised the processes through with these products come to be made were probably somewhere in the US. Having worked for Engineering companies that serve Intel and Tesla I personally know the people who do this. I can’t see Apple being much different.

As the Dilbert cartoon goes, 53,000 would not buy you an intern in the Geographical lexicon that invents the products the planet uses- The janitor wants that much to rent out the baby changing station for interns to sleep on at night in the office.

The massive cost of bringing these products to mass market is then suddenly measures purely in terms of stock options for investors. Even AI can assemble one of these things on a line.

The massive corporations keep their wealth overseas after causing suicides in the workforce that actually assembles the finish product.

Americans are being kept poor because Apple has kept its money in Ireland, St Kitts and the like.

The midwestern white superiority hates its foreigners. But they will line up to give the Kochs Oral sex for bringing 53k jobs to their state.

The midwest is bereft of ideas, but will slave drive their workforce into opiate addictions. Ohio is ground zero.
They would rather do that then connect these dots, and act on it.

Foxconn is a direct result of Fox News.


Will Wisconsin at least limit Foxconn’s buildings to one story so workers can’t commit suicide jumping out of windows ?


The world’s largest high tech manufactures, not the companies that do in house manufacturing, are working on very thin margins. More and more companies outsource their manufacturing to Foxconn and a small handful of other, world class manufacturing specialists and thus become little more than R&D companies themselves, while the products are manufactured, drop shipped, and sold without their ever having to even see the finished goods.

Their names are slapped on during the build process. These companies have their own in house engineers to collaborate with the “customer” for engineering changes, etc. With factories all over the world, the manufacturers then decide where the product can be made the cheapest.

The companies that develop new products cannot manufacture their products as cheaply as the Foxconns of the world. Not their speciality. Because of the pressure to maintain these razor thin profit margins, the workers suffer.


I hope they have clawbacks in that contract because the are going to need them.


I thought we only built sports arenas for billionaires with tax payers cash. What an interesting concept, close manufacturing plants, move them across borders and oceans, then use the profits to get your friends elected to political office, so they can enact legislation to pay you to bring the factories back, with exemption from the environmental laws that drove them out in the first place.