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Wisconsin’s GOP Scheme to Keep Scott Walker as Zombie Governor


Wisconsin’s GOP Scheme to Keep Scott Walker as Zombie Governor

Jud Lounsbury

Imagine if a governor lost in November but then got his cronies in the legislature to pursue a bill he could sign in his final days in office stripping away his successor’s powers and essentially keeping him in charge.

That’s basically what’s happening in Wisconsin.


I hope Walker ends in jail or has a bad accident.


I hope the ghost of La Follette (Governor 1901-06) kills this zombie beast personally!


“This must not stand!” This aggression by the walker camp of defeated political abuse must not stand, and all people who respect the rule of law rather than the rule of the oligarchy and corrupt business-as-usual, driven by greed and self-interested corruption, will unite and stand-up to be counted and fight this naked power-grab with all the energy they possess! regardless where one stands on social issues or the wise direction of our republic, this coup should be anathema to all people of conscience, integrity, and wisdom.


The Revolution has begun.

It’s time to choose sides and put everything on the line.

There can be no undecided.


I’ll second that and am all for facilitating a really, really bad accident.


Well---- the kid’s book author Lemony Snicket wrote a fun book, with"A Series of UnFortunate Events." A person kind wonders what these creepy GOPer people think they are doing…because we are a country based on using so many dirty tricks on other nations. I think if I were one of those cheaters I would be terrified if I had to go in to the hospital—, or had to take an Uber ride, or had to go to the dentist. Maybe the cheaters don’t read a lot of scary novels----oh wait, run over by one of those driverless cars----that would be interesting. : 0


I have an extra pitchfork.


Pitchforks, Torches, and Cotton Candy…


Dug deep for that, huh? Might have to take a drive to Madison if there is a happening.


Take your pitchfork pal.


Have to bring my plethora of meds in case I have to stay in the luxury suite over night.


Sweet Dreams…


Good beat, easy to dance to, I’d give it a eight.
Here’s the rest of the live bands I’ve gone to see.
Fleetwood Mac-once
Wishbone Ash-three times–twice with REO Speed Wagon
I think that’s it. Golden Slumbers


My list is too long to list here so I’ll give you the first couple groups, and last few:

Iron Butterfly 3 or 4 times
Steppenwolf once
Led Zeppelin once

and more recently,

Korn twice
Disturbed once
Staind once, and lastly
Kansas, just 3 months ago.

And, saw Rory in between. He could play…


They must have had a good days sleep cause they was wide awake here.

Reminds me of the opposite side. The quiet side. My first guitar and amp. A Harmony single pick-up and Fender Champ Amp. $50 each, new. Self taught off a Ventures package of album and booklet.
All in 1964-65. Got rag tag band together, played three or four gigs. I had the only car and was THE transportation until this young gal smashed into me and ended our band.


What was your rag tag band’s name Gandolf?

Remember any of the songs you played in your few gigs?


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve tried and tried several times to recall our band name and it doesn’t register. Our first time out was a high school battle of the bands. We came in second because the first place band all had look-alike suits like the Beatles. Pro looking. Everyone else was doing covers and we were doing our own stuff we wrote. The one that went over pretty good was the “Nursery Rhyme Song.” A series of nursery rhymes somewhat redone in a racy but not vulgar way.
"Old mother hubbard------------rover drove her cause he had a ----------etc.
Played a rich kids birthday party in daddy’s fancy boathouse and that led to other birthday party’s. One in a basement under a leaky upstairs toilet. And of course the girls wanted to go out with us good looking band guys. No fame, and no fortune. But no O.D. at 26 either.


You got those memories man.

Got more to say but it’s 1am and I’m crashing.

Thanks for the bio. The 60’s were a trip.



Well for tomorrow then. Many variations of trips. Remembered one other song: “On the Beach.” The guy who started the band still lives in the same house on the shore of Lake Winnebago.

I’m going to try for the third time now to listen to Don Caron do his song all the way through. Sleep tight.