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Wisconsin’s GOP Scheme to Keep Scott Walker as Zombie Governor


Under a halfway decent & honest Federal Dept of Justice, the Feds would be overseeing all WI elections just like other crooked states… until the SCOTUS decided that the Voting Rights Act was not needed a few years ago!!
For every opinion like this one & CItizens United that the Justices predicted turned out to be wrong, they should be forced to recind their decisions in the light of further developments…or RESIGN, since they lack common sense or ability to think logically…


As observed by the cartoonist Bill Griffith, way back in 1979: “All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.”


These people gerrymandered their way to a Republican legislative majority. Now they are using it to cripple the incoming Democratic Governor. This is a zombie legislature. Republicans have lost their souls and have no residual humanity. I hope Wisconsin wakes up in two years and puts them in their political graves where they belong.