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Wisconsin Schools the Nation on Hypocrisy and Partisan Power Grabs

Wisconsin Schools the Nation on Hypocrisy and Partisan Power Grabs

Mary Bottari

Wisconsin elected the state's respected school superintendent as governor on November 6. Now a disgruntled GOP leadership is schooling the nation on hypocrisy and partisan power grabs.

After an all-nighter Wednesday, Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald succeeded in passing a package of bills to diminish the power of newly elected Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul, and they will truncate early voting hours while they are at it.

The Republicans in so many levels of power are all but begging for violence against themselves. Do they want to be martyrs? Perhaps. Are they seeking a casus belli? It does often seem so. Would they seek to maintain power through institutional violence? You bet they would; they dream of such outcomes. This authoritarian right wing behavior needs to be dispelled once and for all. The only antidote of which I can conceive is for true progressives to pull the country toward liberty for all, not just the monied. As Warren Buffet has acknowledged, there is class warfare. It was brought about by his class and they are winning. If out and out revolution is to be avoided, a transformative evolution in thinking, feeling, and action is requisite. Even knowing this, many days I pine for the former.

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Politics is about gaining access to and wielding power. The r-party does it ruthlessly, no holds barred. Their base demands it, their big money donors expect it–they undoubtedly enjoy rubbing d-party faces in their own weakness.

Even sadder, the d-party has their faces rubbed in their own weakness from within: blocs like the Problem Solvers are the true power base of the d-party, and they strangle any even remotely progressive policy initiatives in their cradles. How do they do it? By standing strong as a coalition. How do the progressives get trampled on every time? By meekly pre-compromising.


Wisconsin’s opposition party won their fights. The voters, the citizenry has to solidify that win by demanding it be honored. It’s our turn people. Stand up and be counted, one and all, or curl up on the couch and watch your state be further swallowed up by one party rule.


A lame duck session is an opportunity to work your power grab to its fullest extent. One party is better at that than the other: Sure, they play dirty, but politics ain’t beanbags.

And all the citizen protests in Wisconsin have accomplished nothing. Even after getting a lesson in protesting from France. Wisconsin protesters light candles, the French burn cars. One whines, the other wins.


It’s very cold outside here and it’s just the 2nd inning. Let’s not throw in the towel just yet. We have skills.


I believe a mass “Tar and Feathering” is in order at 4am one morning soon.


You say what I’m thinking more often than you know. You would think I could be more brash after being retired for five years now.

Thanks for the weather report. I live in Michigan. We’re watching the same r-party power grab unfold here.

There is a sliver of hope that our ‘moderate’ outgoing Repub governor will veto the worst of it. A sliver.

Walker won’t veto for legacy unless he thinks he can run and win again for governor or some other high office. I see court battles ahead until the costs outweigh the public support. We have had a lot of good times in the UP over the years.

Yes on all counts, especially on spending quality time in the UP.

Spent our first wedding anniversary in Wakefield. Stayed at the hotel-ski lodge next to the state patrol headquarters station. Hotel had an in house movie theater and was still showing the original Star Wars. Nice fireplace for the skiers with banged up legs. Got my leather hat at the leather shop in Bessemer. Wore it every day for a number of years. I don’t think the boss liked it much but it kept the hair out of my face.

Oddly enough, regional cuisine:

Iron Range porketta. Best. Pulled. Pork. Evah.
Pasties (Lawry’s rules!)
Sauteed whitefish livers

Last September, the wife and I bellied up for a few cool ones at an old school bar in Land O’ Lakes. After 45 minutes or so, she turned to me and asked, “Can you understand a word anyone is saying?” I said, “Other than swear words, nope.”

The accents get thick, eh?

Same trip, this time we’re in ‘downtown’ Calumet. I have 3 hefty drafts (Ham’s?), she has two. Our tab: $7.50.

Once, on a backroad we realized we hadn’t seen another vehicle for 22 miles.

I’ve had more experience at it G-man. I left my 30 year career almost 13 years ago.

Never regretted it for a New York minute.

I did 12 and then ended up with a different 25. It was hard to break away from the first 12 cause the boys were about that age (12) and I was winging it, but was bored sick, clock watching by 9:30.

My job kept me from boredom most of each day.

A busy sales office, and needy customers required one’s attention to detail.

Working for 30 years for a Fortune 500 company and losing my whole immediate family, brother, father and mother, during the last 13, made me choose to leave at 54. Lost my first wife, a few years earlier. She ran off with the Milkman.

Shiite happens.

But, the past 13 years have been a trip, although not the psychedelic kind.

Got a new wife, got a new life.


Glad to know you are a survivor. And happy one it appears. Music is good medicine.

Charlie sure tears a lot of different emotions out of you all at once. Powerful message eh?

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Hi WiseOwl------well here it is Dec 7th—but it’s not 1941----and yet Wisconsin has created a brand new Day of Infamy! A sneak attack by playing dirty and this will NOT be forgotten!

Grieved much longer than I should have. Decades in fact. Wasn’t prepared in life for that.

And then, something awoke in me. I found happiness the key to life.

Realized the alternative had no future for me.

All along the way, music was my treatment.

Yes, you cannot buy happiness. It must come from within.