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Wisconsin Workers Rally As Anti-Worker Bill Nears Walker's Desk


Wisconsin Workers Rally As Anti-Worker Bill Nears Walker's Desk

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the Wisconsin Assembly began debate on anti-worker legislation that would prohibit private-sector employees from being required to join a union or pay dues under union contracts, opponents of the so-called "right-to-work" bill protested at the Capitol building on Thursday, saying the measure is aimed at keeping wages low and dismantling the labor m


No one should be REQUIRED to join a union…nor REQUIRED to pay dues if they don’t agree with union leadership. I dropped my NEA membership years ago despite some pressure from “local NEA leaders.”
I disagreed with with nearly EVERY political stance they took. I disagreed with nearly EVERY candidate they endorsed. I disagreed with MY money supporting THEIR causes. The major beneficiary of “salary negotiations” was the union leadership…not the peasants in the field.


Although Unions have done a lot of good for labor in the past, too many vultures smelled an opportunity. That’s what really needs to change. So, how can we kick the vultures out before labor loses its ability to negotiate anything and ends up losing all those precious gains that were made?


Well, we can think of this as the first significant step in the expansion of our workfare agenda, reportedly supported by some 80% of middle classers – “Giving people the opportunity to develop their work ethic/the incentive to work their way up,” etc., etc. WI has actually been one of the nation’s leaders on America’s downhill slide since the 1980s. WI workers periodically protest, and their “demands” are ignored. As outraged as labor, etc., claim to be, they’ve been choosing right wing rule for some 30 years now. Walker & Co. will do what they want. Period.


Well said. Still, there’s something we should take into consideration. America has been in similar messes before, when the richest few gained too much power. Each time, the poor and middle class, workers and this jobless, ultimately united to push back, to everyone’s benefit. That can’t happen this time, so who knows what we can expect? Our occasional, well-behaved protests provide an opportunity to “vent,” but change nothing. Unless Walker trots off to DC, WI will re-elect him for as long as he wishes to be gov. This has been a right wing state since the 1980s.


Walker and his fellow republicans continue their divisiveness. There have been some recent comparisons between my state, Minnesota with our democratic control, and Wisconsin. Minnesota is far ahead in all economic areas. And one other way to look at this is federal tax money revenue and expenditure. In 2013 Minnesota sent $41 billion more to the Feds than we got back. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is so dismal that they got $36 billion more back than they sent. Walker should tell his tea party supporters how much welfare he sucks into his state.


If you feel that way, then you shouldn’t be receiving union wages, you should be receiving right to work wages.