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Wish I Voted for Sanders, Says Laid-Off Carrier Worker Duped by 'Con Man' Trump


Wish I Voted for Sanders, Says Laid-Off Carrier Worker Duped by 'Con Man' Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"He's a pure and simple con man, he's a rich elite, and I'm sorry people bought into his message. He sold us a bag of shit, and now we're stuck with it."


As best as I recall, Sanders’ name would not have appeared on the ballot.


He voted for Twitler and you expect him NOT to be a little confused?


The truth is the DINO elite clinton/obama sellout wing are complicit to the con that s-elected trump - the corrupt nomination of the red queen and sabotage of Bernie Sanders campaign were choreographed by the empire. We all were sold a “bag of shit” (now flaming on our porches) and we The People now are paying the price while the wealthiest, the corporate pirates and for-profit war machine reap the loot from the tax “cut” scam and all the other atrocities…there will not be much joy in Mudville for quite some time…


Sanders was not selected for POTUS, so Bernie, in my view, never had any chance no matter if Jones had voted for him or not. Chuck, you were duped by Trump, but us Bernie followers were duped by thinking Bernie had a chance of becoming POTUS.


NOW can we start the revolution?!


Bernie followers were duped by the DNC. We actually thought that the DNC would be impartial and unbiased.


I agree. I believe if it had been Bernie who was nominated instead of Hillary… he would’ve beat Trump in the election, hands down. Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll never know…


We must, but a violent revolution as experienced in history is not now in the cards - we have likely allowed that time to pass. We must organize a coalition of people who demand real revolutionary transformation and we have the inspiration and numbers to do it - all we need is a political vehicle and leaders/candidates with gumption and resolve, and that is building with every day we suffer from both party’s betrayals and destruction of a sustainable egalitarian future!

Our history may have begun with revolution but American people have gotten soft - the revolutionary spirit still survives in other nations societies, but not here, sadly. The electorate and people generally could not conceive of such and the police state would right-quick smash any violence, or even strong demands/demonstrations, as we’ve seen more than a few times.

No, any “revolution” is going to be political, and even that will be difficult given the domination of vast wealth and power over morality and the Common Good…the people have let freedom and democracy slip-away…be stolen from right in front of their faces…we will have to crawl before we can walk and change the status quo…as much as that may stick in our craw…and be damn lucky to effect any real lasting change.


It wasn’t just the voters who voted for Trump that were duped. Those that voted for Clinton were duped as well.

Even sadder than this is the fact that the same 132 Million voters that voted for these two most corrupt, most hated candidates of all time, will most definitely vote in 2020 for the same two parties.

Only in the United States of Insanity.


we need candidates with progressive platforms to run this year and get rid of the republithugs and damn dems once and for all. the only way things will change. I support candidates like this only and especially those who do not take over $100 from any donor and none from corporate crooks or billionaires who have stolen our heritage under both parties. damn them all.


Well he’ll get his chance again to vote for Sanders in 2020.

Sanders would have won the general in 2016 if the DNC hadn’t stolen the nomination. This time it will be a lot harder for them. Many people are a lot wiser and watching.


Watch Obama & Clinton sychophants jump on the Oprah bandwagon.
The Hollywood/MeToo/TimesUp orchestra is already rehearsing the song Beyonce and Lady Gaga will sing a duet on, after the acceptance speech. Her running mate will be either Chris Von Hollen or Rahm Emanuel, depending on Rabbi Joe, Hillary and Barack’s financial situations.


In my opinion, the number one reason Bernie lost to Clinton ( and I believe he would have beaten Trump) , is the treatment he got from the MSM. They very rarely ever covered his primary stops which had the largest crowds. But they covered every stupid stop that Trump made.
I remember one day, both Trump and Sanders were having rallies at the same time. They ignored Sanders and kept the cameras on an empty podium for more than an hour and a half with the banner running across the bottom of the screen " BREAKING NEWS, ANY MOMENT NOW DONALD TRUMP WILL BE HOLDING A RALLY, DON’T GO AWAY".
The dumber Trump got, the more coverage he got from the media.


I’m afraid that this article says more about the people who believed Trump’s lies, than it says about Trump. What kind of brain does it take to not see Trump as the Con Man he always was. The USA is populated by a bunch of morons who are hypnotized far too easily. The future of the USA is looking grim with this many morons walking around.
And voting for a Democrat is not any answer either. Clinton gave us NAFTA, The Crime Bill, Work for Welfare, the elimination of Dodd-Frank, on and on and on. Obama deported more people than any president before him, wanted the TPP, the NDAA, helped destroy Libya along with Hillary, the Honduran fiasco, did not prosecute Wall Street and in fact appointed them to his cabinet, on and on and on. Jesus people, wake the hell up. The two party system is controlled and owned by the corporate oligarchs who don’t give a fuck about you, other than to steal everything you have and the politicians are in office on behalf of their owners to ensure it happens.


Tom Steyer will bankroll Oprah, so she can “concentrate” on her message:


Duane–you must remember that the Democrat “Leadership” refused to give Bernie a real shot and insisted on Hillary. Bernie did not get the nomination. Don’t reproach yourself but get busy organizing. You can see to it that every GOP is booted out, then one by one every corporate Democrat. We had a choice but fear prevailed. No more. Trump, if nothing else, is getting Americans to take a long hard look at themselves and their history and this has to to be good in the long run as it should serve to galvanize people. Don’t waste time on regrets but use your energy and efforts towards transforming this nation.

Consider the importance and very real jobs in the Green Energy sector and having worker cooperatives.


it’s hard to feel sympathetic…we all experienced the same vulgar racist sexual predator who founded his campaign on the O birther lie…and most of us rejected that.

and now the whole country and much of the rest of the world is suffering because this guy couldn’t figure it out? .

cry us a river, no sympathy.


Yeah, I blame myself. I thought the fix was in when all of HRC’s corrupt super delegates showed up but I thought maybe Bernie could somehow eliminate the DNC’s corruption. Wishful thinking at it’s best; political stupidity at its worst!


Not to mention pissed as hell.