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Wish I Voted for Sanders, Says Laid-Off Carrier Worker Duped by 'Con Man' Trump


Soooooo true! Trump and Oprah in 2020?


And don’t forget Joe Lieberman. That annoying schmuck with his DLC redo, will be all over this rebranding of the Democratic Party with a fucking billionaire at the head of it.

Sorry Oprah, there is no room in anything close to an equitable society for a single billionaire (not referring to marital status).


Maybe he means in the primary.



Duane Oreskovic’s comment (“I would have voted for him (Sanders) if I could do it again,”) shows in a few short, simple everyday words how completely uninformed the vast majority of American voters are.

Unless some massive infusion of political awareness enters the collective mind of the US voters soon, “mistakes” like Trump and Clinton will continue to bedevil not only the US, but the whole world. However, time is running out, and it’s probably too late to bank on that infusion.

Looking ten to 15 years into the future, the two most likely outcomes are: a) a nuclear war (soon), or b) the emergence of China as the next sole superpower (somewhat later) - the latter being my preferred option.


I use to belong to “the party”. Even the most articulate party loyalist can’t sanction this behavior. This is no longer"He is just learning" this is pure " UGLY".


Oprah is not your average billionaire! I would not hesitate to vote for her!


Maybe he can bankroll Sen. Sanders so his campaign can er er…wait, I don’t think Bernie can take Tom Steyer’s millions. I’ll call him and see if that’s OK according to the self-imposed $$ limits of Our Revolution.


I know 2020 is three years off, nighthawk, but as a Dem loyalist, is there a possible candidate you particularly favor? Is it Oprah?


Sanders was also initially ignored by the MSM for the most part. The day he announced he would run for the democratic nomination the only news outlet that covered it was, believe it or not, FOX news. Even MSNBC ignored him.


Besides mentioning the learned apathy and ignorance and the vast social programming to turn the populace into worker/consumer drones, that pretty much sums it up. Think about when they demonetize currency and make all vehicles self driving…you might as well be living in your own personal jail. It is coming and as bad as I should feel…there is a part of me with little sympathy for ignorant cowards…programmed or not.


The Clinton Foundation is being looked into for having laundered $$$ for House of Saud sponsored madrassas and funding " front " terriorist groups in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Swiss holes in banking laws has it way over their cheese, so to speak.


A great many of us DID Caucus for Sen. Sanders. the amount in which about 350 for Clinton VS 900+ for Sanders. The percentage was on average was that Sanders got around 80% popular primary votes.
The super Delegates, as many as all of them voted Against the People’s wishes and Gave the win to Clinton. gol-durn dirty lie of a vote.
So it doesn’t matter now.
The vote was rotten, the Deck was Stacked, the evil doers were busy doing what they can, which is evil wrong and anti Christ.
That our vote matters is called living in the mental hospital and the patients are running the whole show.


You suppose she will be campaigning on higher taxes for wealthy individuals such as herself, higher taxes on corporations such as hers?

You suppose she will be campaigning on establishing a Universal Single Payer system of healthcare?

You suppose she will campaign on cutting back on military spending, and call for ending the so-called “war on terror”?

Do you suppose she will call on revoking the Patriot Act, and ending mass surveillance on US citizens?

Do you suppose she will campaign on ending funding for corporate charter schools, and call out the school to prison pipeline?

Do you suppose she will call for breaking up the monopoly held by just a handful of companies over almost all media in this country? Or even call it out?

I don’t see her doing ANY of these things. The reason Obama and the Clintons would embrace her, is for that very reason.

I’m not pinning this on you, and know your intent is good. I just vehemently disagree that a billionaire of any stripe should be in the White House, period.


Let me add a bit to your “he would’ve beat Trump in the election, hands down” line:

Like this country has never seen before!!!


Let’s see how that fundraising worked out…


It is a ways out, and at this point I am more concerned with Congressional gains. But I would be entirely comfortable with Bernie, or Warren or. yes, Oprah. I am not ruling out anyone, for almost anyone would be an improvement over any Republican that I can think of, with the possible exception of Michael Bloomberg. I know he’s a billionaire and all that, but I think he is a decent man. And he believes in Anthropocentric Climate Change.

Anyway, those are my honest feelings right now. Who knows, at this rate, what we have in store for us between now and 2020?

I respect your obvious intelligence and sincerity. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we mostly do. I’m glad we are on the same team.


Actually, I can see her doing any one of these things, and that would make her unique! I can see her doing more of the things you list, with public support combined with a better Congress.
I think you may underestimate her strength, and her humanity.


I voted for Sanders, I wrote him in.


Because the DNC would have been so much better. Oh wait. Neither of the duopoly which Sanders proved to be a part of would have helped this guy. Oh the stupidity of people thinking Sanders - the DNC outreach coordinator is some kind of 3rd party. If you want a 3rd party go Green.


Steyer will run himself before he throws money at Oprah’s phony campaign hayride. He’s not backing Feinstein’s re-election. Not a peep from Oprah either way. There will be more " tells " along the trail. Can you read sign or interpret smoke signals?
As a young man I was known as a very good tracker. But I never was able to catch the elusive Billionaire Prognicorn. Especially the female, since they do a lot of " gifting " , I’m told.