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Wish I Voted for Sanders, Says Laid-Off Carrier Worker Duped by 'Con Man' Trump


She certainly would campaign on and call for many of these things…

Then, once she wins…

Surprise!! She’s Bush IV.


oops! was replying to nighthawk, or so I thought in my chicken brain


Perhaps I do.

Perhaps you can point me to some of her broadcasts where she calls for such, or any public statement that even alludes to such.

As soon as she would do any of these things, she of course would be dumped very fast by Corporate Democrats who run the show at the DNC.


Oh yes, a move to the right would by expected by the “pragmatists” of the Corporate State, no doubt.

But I’m sticking with my opinion, that she would not be running on these things.


To all those who regret their vote for Trump, remember the words of another dimwitted Republican:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” - George W. Bush


At one level, I have to wonder at the gullibility of people who bought the Trump message. The fact of his being a con-man was so very obvious that this boggles the mind. Then again, someone who is hurting enough is ready to buy any potential cure, however phony it may seem.

But at another level, we really need to ask how sound our elections are. Do election results really reflect the public will? Do we really have a democracy or is it a DIFO (democracy in form only). Maybe the important agenda is to reform our elections so that they truly reflect the public will.


We were not duped, the DNC was corrupt all the way thru with all the elites of the party in on the corruption.


Actually Oprah is surprisingly exposing her deep state connections. Many argue that she is the deepstate. It goes beyond her endorsing her good friend Hillary Clinton. Start paying attention to what she’s saying and endorsing.


It is the media and pundits who are distracting us with Oprah. She just made a great speech and they jumped on it and … away we go with nonsense or sensationalism.


Likewise. And although I won’t be voting for any Democrats any time soon, I know we’ll both be fighting for justice, sustainability and peace.


Yep, I was hot on the trail of a Billionaire Prognicorn when I stopped into a watering hole for quick plug o’ the John B. Mid sip, a sidewinder drifted by, tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered “Under yer chair.”

I felt underneath my seat, found a piece of paper affixed there, and ripped off, to my great surprise, a $10 coupon for Pizza Hut. By then, the sidewinder was nowhere in sight.

Now what were we talking about?..


Well, look at the good side. If you voted for Sanders, you were getting Clinton anyway, so you were pretty screwed either way.



see bev harris’s excellent ‘hacking democracy’.


Ah, not so much. There’s rehearsals and there’s improv. Oprah and Barbara S. definitely like rehearsals and … wow, they both stumbled into the Golden Globes instead of The Academy Awards. I could go on but I’m backing Frances McDormand for POTUS. I was sold at Blood Simple and who can’t appreciate a wry smile and a well-turned dimple.


You put your hand under a barstool? Without looking? R U sure your name isn’t Septic Handshake?
Anyway, what were saying about Pizza Hut? Never eat there, even with coupons. I prefer real pizza like they have all over Portland. Fire on the Mtn. has a choice of good pizza and a nice vibe. They have barstools which are clean, too. I just looked.


Pam, are those “rats” on your shoulder?

I agree with what you say here. Please, don’t be a stranger here at Common Dreams.


Amen to that!

Green is Generous, Responsible, Equitable, Environmentally Nice!


That’s so funny you said “landslide.” Ha! I was going to use that word but opted for other verbage.

Peace out.


Senator Kamala Harris of California. She has a backbone and will be the one! We will see much more of her. Her star is rising…


Fuck this guy, and all his rube buddies at Carrier. They went down on Trump and now are crying because he shot one off in their collective faces.
Tough titty big guy. Better luck next time