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Wishful Thinking: First 100 Days After November 8


Wishful Thinking: First 100 Days After November 8

Robert Reich

1. Hillary Clinton is elected President.

2. Democrats take over the Senate, and reduce the Republican margin in the House to just 3 votes.

3. Elizabeth Warren announces she’ll challenge Hillary in the 2020 Democratic primaries if Hillary isn’t sufficiently progressive and bold during her first term.

4. The Democratic National Committee issues new rules eliminating “superdelegates” and requiring open primaries.


'Wishful Thinking" says it all! Sugarplum fairies are dancing in his head!


Yeah, right. Ha, ha.

And regarding point one, Trump may still win.

Re Murdoch firing Hannity, only going to happen if Hillary wins, the democrats take the House and Senate, and Elizabeth Warren is made Senate majority leader in place of the a-hole from Wall Street, Schumer.


Number four would be a mistake. It would allow Republicans and independents to help choose the nominee of the Democratic Party. The DNC does not have the power to require open primaries anyway. It is up to the Democratic Party in each state. I believe most states with closed primaries will keep them closed and allow only registered Democrats to vote. Anyone of course can register as a Democrat if they want to participate. I think the Superdelegates will be reduced but not eliminated. The lesson from the Republican side shows that sometimes the people are incapable of choosing a qualified nominee. It is a wake-up call to the potential danger of populism that goes too far.

  1. Without any pressure at all, DNC is going to completely overhaul the nomination process.

  2. Without any pressure at all, Hillary is going to really give it to the folks who've been bribing her for years.

  3. All joking aside, I would expect Hillary to nominate Merrick Garland to show her support for Obama. I believe Garland was specifically chosen as a centrist to prove Obama could work across the aisle, and is not going to be the progressive counterpart to Scalia that many would have hoped. Don't expect a reversal of any conservative decisions.

  4. What the hell is this? A high school fan club? This makes as much sense as appointing Harry Potter to head the department of defense.

Reich, you're a moron. If this were an essay for an 8th-grade civics class, you might eke out a C-.

Edit: Bah, the system auto-re-enumerated my points. They should be 4, 5, 6, 7, to correspond to Reich's.


I like Reich, I really do.

But he's delusional when it comes to Clinton.

In her first hundred days she may throw some table scraps to the left on hot button issues like abortions and guns - the Supreme Court effectively took marriage equality off the table, but there are still many forms of discrimination against the LGBT community, so she might address that. She might also say a few words against whatever horrific police murder of an innocent black man (or woman) happens.

She'll put that no fly zone in Syria. Will probably back that up with more U.S. troops. She'll start increasing the rhetoric against Assad and the press will be happy to gin up the public for a war against Assad - which will in essence become a proxy war against Russia.

We'll probably start hearing more anti-Iranian talk. I don't think Clinton will want to actually start a war against Iran in her first 100 days. Two new fronts would stress the military - but the drumbeat will start. An attack on Iran is probably two or three years out - maybe four. But with Clinton in the White House it's coming.

I wouldn't expect her to attack Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid in the first 100 days, but any pronouncements about the budget will include talk of the painful measures that will be needed.

So I wonder if, at the end of her first hundred days, if Reich will look back and talk about how disappointed he is - but that at least she's still not Trump.

Vote Sane: Vote Green.


Barack Obama isn't qualified to serve as Supreme Court justice after the miserable showing of his justice department (not) prosecuting white collar crime and elite-class criminals. There are plenty of better candidates for the open slot than Garland but Obama isn't one of them. And Michelle isn't qualified for Attorney General or any other top government job.


My prediction for the first 100 days of a Clinton presidency:

  1. Clinton passes the TPP, possibly during the lame duck season, causing democracy to be all but destroyed.
  2. Institutes more fracking, digging the human race even deeper in the hole of extinction it has dug itself into
  3. She will somehow still blames Bernie and her Correct the Record will still be around to discredit him and other progressive candidates.
  4. She will continue to give money to Israel and militarize the police
  5. She will institute a no-fly zone is Syria, causing the U.S. to go to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia.
  6. None of the above will be mentioned in M$M and the majority of neanderthal country that is the U.S. will be aware of any of this.


Your predictions are much more rooted in reality than Robert Reich's wishful thinking.

Permit me to add:
7. She will offer the occasional rhetorical gesture to the center-left, so long as it doesn't involve spending any money or substantive changes in policy.

  1. "Right to work" will be embraced by mainstream Democrats, since it's good enough for the Vice President. Organized labor will nevertheless continue uncritical support of the Dems.

(edit: I typed "8," but it appears as a "1" and will not change.)


Does California really need to legalize recreational marijuana on November 8 ?

Judging from Reich's delusions, it is apparent that he and his fellow California are already getting all the high potency marijuana they need.


Reich sez: "6. President Hillary Clinton nominates Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, who immediately pledges to reverse 'Citizens United.'”

Haha ... great satire, Bob. Months away from his big payday and Obama's gonna settle for a demotion to Supreme Court justice?

Good one.


Satire seems to be all too prolific these days. Obama will go wherever his big bank masters tell him to go.


Our only real hope is for enough folks to vote Green (I can say without qualification if you are reading this a vote for Jill will be in your best interest, TRUST ME!) to push the dems left or to out as a corporate-control party.

Folks you need to do some research on the attitudes of the founding fathers towards corporations. That they exist should be only out of necessity. That they have been granted the same rights as if they were people has Washington Adams and Jefferson doing about 12,000 RPM in their graves!!


Cops and Drug Lords both want California and Arizona ballot initiatives to Fail and keep pot illegal!
Ask yourself why!!
Arizona even wrote their Prop 205 law to fund schools with proceeds. Stellar!!


Worse than the fact that Reich even penned this drivel is that CD re-posted it. Good grief.


I have the greatest respect for Mr. Reich but at this point his subservience to the Clinton machine greatly diminishes his credibility among progressives.

Hillary Clinton is probably going to win (#1), and the Democrats may regain control of the Senate (#2), but Hillary will not pursue a progressive agenda or do anything like name Bernie to a cabinet position -- why didn't she name him as her VP or announce beforehand that he would be named to a major cabinet post? Nor will party elites allow center-left reform or Senator Warren to challenge Hillary in 2020. The fact is the likely reaction to Hillary's election will be Republican efforts to unify around attacking Hillary; that is why establishment Republicans, long since resigned to a Hillary presidency, are opposed to Trump and are virtually supporting Hillary, whose presidency will restore what the Republicans themselves have destroyed.